Review of laptop ASUS G750

A couple of months, I use ASUS G750 as my primary computer for work and entertainment. This review will no longer similar to operating experience. I have a lot to say about this powerful Fat Cat in a housing with a 17-inch screen. Mobile play station from ASUS has long excites me and my friends in their appearance and characteristics.

Design ASUS G750

The whole look and design of the device was created under the inspiration of American military equipment – speysshipy, stealth, etc. Laptop looks really impressive and beautiful. It is not so much svistelok bulbs and compared to competitive gaming laptop (for better or worse, decide for yourself). The most important advantage over previous models G750 – this steel worksurface. Previously, it was plastic, and after a few weeks of use under the brushes loomed two fatty stains that are hard to scrub.

Cover both sides made of plastic softtach, prints which are also quite difficult to clean. At the bottom of the case has four legs due to which the laptop is very stable is on the table. Of course, it seems to me that even something very slippery and smooth 5 kg will be fairly stable stand on the table.

Yes, weight – it is one of the key weaknesses zveryuki. I understand – a powerful iron, efficient cooling system, 17-inch screen … But 5kg I just can not lift. I tried … honestly! On the other hand, large size allowed accommodate full-size keyboard with numeric keypad and optional backlighting. Size touchpad also tends to record. On the left side there is a card reader, Blu-ray-drive, two USB 3.0 ports and the castle. On the right side – 3.5 mm headphone jack, microphone input, two ports USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, full-sized HDMI, Ethernet, VGA socket and connect the power supply.

In my opinion, the back of the laptop just looks cool. Here there are two beautiful openings for hot air. Very good designer’s solution, which gives the notebook an aggressive look. By the way, thanks to a massive cooling system laptop almost never works at full volume SB.

Laptop lid thickness can be compared with some models of Ultrabooks from the same manufacturer. It uses a logo and Republic of Gamers ASUS. Incidentally, ROG’ovsky logo highlighted during the game, which also looks very impressive during gaming-parties. The screen itself is slightly recessed into the cover, which does not affect the usability of the screen, but to clean it up a bit napryazhno as dust clogged just in the corners.

Screen ASUS G750 

If we talk about the quality of the screen, then there is both pros and cons. Unequivocal advantage is size, resolution, and dullness. In my opinion, the perfect set for comfortable gaming is just a 17-inch screen and a resolution of 1080 p. Screen can operate at frequencies up to 120 Hz, which is also very good impact on the enjoyment of the game. Another advantage that is often overlooked – is 3D-capabilities. I say to you as a man who was almost half again Batelfield 4 only because it’s in 3D is a bit different feeling. Indicators of minimum and maximum brightness too pleased.

The only thing that I can complain about – it angles that have TN-matrices habitually suffer. Particularly upsetting vertical view. At a certain angle of view there is a full color inversion. Horizontally all OK. Need to get used to the most correct display color and brightness occurs in slightly more open state than all other laptops.

Performance ASUS G750 

It’s clear that this laptop buying for maximum performance. In my laptop G750JH installed processor Intel Core i7 4700HQ, nominal clock frequency of 2.4 GHz. When things are bad, you do not leave the house the third day playing Watch Dogs, may turn Turbo Boost up to 3.2 GHz. To no one seemed a little, then RAM 32 GB. Hybrid video system operates in two modes. If you play, the laptops uses discrete RAMDAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M. When your work is reduced to Flipped tabs in the browser, running Intel HD Graphics 4600. Winchester on 1 TB SSD-drive and 256 GB is enough for lots of games, an impressive library and operating system requirements.

Autonomy ASUS G750  

At maximum graphics settings and performance can be played without the socket less than 2 hours in Bioshok Infinite. Overall this is a good result for a gaming laptop. Despite the fact that this is still a laptop, count on high autonomy with the processor and the graphics card is not necessary.

Sound ASUS G750

You to understand, in the ASUS G750 has a subwoofer, the benefit dimensions allow. The main speakers are hidden in the hull. Overall impression of the sound a bit not up to expectations. It seemed to me just such a huge body, then it should sound impressively loud and bass. Yes, sub adds flavor to the sound, but striking differences from the desktop speakers I have not noticed. Another thing – the sound in the headphones. Thanks to the built-in preamp for headphones to listen to music at a high volume in good headphones, you can not. I was listening to electronic music, progressive rock music and watching movies. As tried headphones MONSTER Inspiration, SteelSeries SIDERIA V2 and ear Klipsch. In all cases, I was very pleased with the volume and density of sound.

Options ASUS G750

Separately, I want to say that the laptop comes with a wired gaming mouse family Republic of Gamers, proprietary 3D-glasses from NVIDIA, and a cloth to wipe the backpack. I figured pretty high hopes for up ROG’ovskogo backpack, but it was very simple. I put the laptop back and the power supply and place it remains only for books and mouse. In my case, there hardly fit a set of castors with lunch. We have to choose: either take lunch or take your laptop and it is a complex choice that I do not want to do! On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the brand, we have a very steep ASUS’a options backpacks in which I placed the whole, with all its food.

Findings ASUS G750 

This is a powerful laptop. Without any compromise in the form of high autonomy and mobility. He’s a big, heavy, living from one battery charge is not so much as we would like, but who cares if there is set the most powerful iron? The laptop looks very impressive and at the same time strictly. On line price \ quality of this notebook looks very interesting compared to other gaming laptops from competitive manufacturers. Sound in the headphones, comfortable keyboard and supplied very conducive choice ASUS G750 as a replacement to your hefty desktop, and you can not lose in performance.

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