Glance turns ordinary wristwatch smart (video)

If you are accustomed to their wristwatches, but you at the same time enjoy the latest models of innovative smart watches , then soon you will be able to use most functions on the smart their usual hours. Gadget called Glance adds additional functionality to traditional wristwatches.

Glance, which is inserted under the watch strap on your wrist can notify due to the small display, you of incoming calls and messages, to help find a lost phone, and track your activity (see video at the end). The team from Canada, which is engaged in the project, explained:

Glance allows you to focus on the conversations that are most important at the moment. This device is made very carefully, has a slim and lightweight body with the use of aluminum. The device is placed on the wrist with the clock and complements your style. Glance can be installed with conventional clocks, but also offered a premium leather strap.

Glance works in tandem with applications for Android and iOS, which are installed on smartphones. Also expected in the future support for Windows and Blackberry. The cost of the accessory will be around $ 80. However, we note that the project is currently on Kickstarter to collect the required amount to start production. But the device is, however, interesting. We wish the boys luck.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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