Ramos Q7 new smartphone on the 7-inch

Ramos Q7 new smartphone on the 7-inch

Ramos Q7 new smartphone on the 7-inch

Sometimes you reflect on new technologies and what we’ll see them on a future date. But when you talk about the release of a new device to 7 inches. Do you imagine a tablet? But then you say it’s not a tablet, this is a smartphone. Then you immediately raise the question, who will need such a huge device? Let’s see what we describe a new 7-inch phone.

Most recently, at one exhibition Global Source Mobile Electronics Fair was presented a new smartphone called Ramos Q7. An interesting feature is its large screen size of 7 inches.

Features of the phone Ramos Q7

In addition, the new device has a large screen, Ramos Q7 is created on the OS Windows Phone 8.1. And as reported by the manufacturer at the moment is the biggest mobile phone device under the control of WP.

If you look on the part of the technical equipment, the phone can not boast a strong point. The main processor unit is Snapdragon 200. In addition, the screen size of 7 inches, but the phone has a resolution of only 1280 x 720 pixels. And agree to such a large screen, the resolution quite small.

Ramos Q7 is equipped with a fairly large storage capacity of 16 GB. But the RAM device is only 1GB, and it is not enough to process the data for such a large screen.

But there is a positive side of the phone Ramos Q7. Specifically manufacturer thought and proofed good battery capacity of 4000 mAh. And as they report the new device can work on a single charge all day.

In conclusion, the phone manufacturer Ramos Q7 has not yet reported accurate information about the release date and price. But if the main goal was to create a device manufacturer to 7 inches under the control of WP. Then it is a failed project.

Source: WMPowerUser

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