Huawei Honor WS831 - router for your quick communication

Huawei Honor WS831 – router for your quick communication

Huawei Honor WS831 - router for your quick communication

Good communication data is one of the important features of modern devices. So modern and new devices do not provide planned speed for your needs. But let’s look at another interesting device that offers a good opportunity for you.

As you know well-known company Huawei, which creates a good smartphone on the market. But now the company introduced a new device. Specifically router called Honor WS831. What is the difference between this router from other similar competitors, let’s look closer.

The main technical features of the router Honor WS831Huawei Honor WS831 - router for your quick communication

The proposed data rate is provided to five times faster than similar competitors. And the speed is 300 Mbps. This is a pretty good result compared with other analogous competitors. But the most important thing is the price of a new router is only $ 39.

For the price, you can provide a good data transfer for you and your family. But stand up the next question, who need so much speed? In general, such a device is suitable for students, business people and also people of great change. Since the device does not take up more space and weight of the router composes only 280 grams.

The design of the new device from Huawei looks very strict and at the same time stylish. For the transfer of data provides two antenna that operates the MIMO 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Router Honor WS831 works in conjunction with a dual-core processor Hi5650H. In addition, the router has a built-in DDR3 RAM with a capacity 128MB. Also on the case of the router has ports for other devices. Namely, WAN and LAN, and the same transmitter Wi-Fi enabled 802.11b / n / g and 802.11a / n / ac.

Huawei Honor WS831 - router for your quick communication

A unique feature of the new router Honor WS831 is a physical button lock from outside devices. The name of the function received WLAN security lock, that speaks for itself. And it works just function, this button will block access to all devices except those whiling away were connected before.

In conclusion, the router Huawei Honor WS831 was very pleasant and functionality. In addition, many people will really like to use higher speeds for your devices.

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