PS3 in the history of the fastest-selling “The Last Survivor” worldwide sales exceeded 3.4 million units

Naughty Dog once again successfully created original works.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) announced on the 9th PS3 “Last Survivor” (The Last of Us) from 14 June to 3 July until global sales have exceeded 3.4 million units (including CD version and digital download version ); same time, this market is not even three weeks of products, while the PS3 platform has become the fastest selling game in the history of products, can be considered in 2013 by far the most popular PS3 games.

From “Uncharted adventure” developer Naughty Dog introduced PS3 “last survivor” describes a Cordyceps fungus because of the devastating outbreak of the epidemic, at a time 20 years after surviving the collapse of human society in the original context, people between people seeking to survive an adventure story, the protagonist Joel and Ellie’s journey around the survival, loyalty, love and redemption, deep enough to bring memorable storyline.

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