“Diablo 3” to be postponed until 2014 on PS4

While Blizzard has announced a PS3, Xbox 360 “Diablo 3” will be on sale on September 3, but now came the original version PS4 will have to wait until 2014 for sale news, just take everything because Blizzard to PS4 development kit.

According DiabloFans website development team recently surveyed disclosed the content development team based project attempts to touch version for PS4 controller and sharing button to import some cool features, but also because only recently got PS4 development kit, so PS4 version of “Diablo 3” will be extended to 2014 and then launched. In addition, they also revealed, “Diablo 3”. There is no have any plans for portable devices. In addition, PC version will be part of this year’s BlizzCon has released new features before the plan.

A short time previously had contact with at E3 “Diablo 3” host version, the maximum characteristic is that since the original PC version of the import host operating patterns, and the other including optimization of the game screen, a redesigned user interface, systems and skills slight adjustment , in addition to PC, the motherboard from the game world, story, characters, skills, props, monsters completely identical. But, independent of the host-based version of the situation outside of the PC version, still very much hope that the opportunity to see the exclusive task or play board appears.

Actual feelings less mouse, keyboard host version, can really feel Blizzard will be concentrated in the host operating system controller arrangement; characters left analog stick to move the right analog stick good advice host of players operating practices conform to “roll “action, and not after tumbling skills cooling, not consumption, is used to cope with being hit situation, very useful, is the host version of the highlights of the host version and the PC version is the biggest difference.

Multiplayer part, in addition to the opening of the players 1P, 2P ~ 4P at any time during the game the player can press the START button, select the character after the completion fray, to jump election of the other characters, may leave after the START button is pressed again, choose other professions to enter.

Can be considered a highlight of the field design skills to PS3 host four function buttons ○ △ □ ×, R1, R2 buttons, for example, just the original six skill fields properly placed; L1 button is used to place the amp blood props . Using skill, click the corresponding button supplemented characters left analog stick to change the direction of the face, to use intuitive, simple, and generally operate with the concept of the host players, almost without too much learning can immediately get started.

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