Omnidirectional camera WI 360 Cam - observing nature

Omnidirectional camera WI 360 Cam – observing nature

Omnidirectional camera WI 360 Cam - observing nature

Company Wildgame Innovations introduced innovative surveillance camera WI 360 Cam. This may be interested naturalists and hunters. The model provided the ability to capture wildlife in all directions. And allows you to avoid “blind spots.” And increases the chances to capture unique shots that were previously impossible.

The essence of innovation is the use of six cameras with a matrix of 12 MP. Circularly arranged in the cylindrical body. The product is capable of producing high-quality night shooting at a distance of 21 meters. To conserve battery power and internal memory camera uses a motion sensor.

New displays surveillance capabilities to a new level. It used a silent mechanism for incorporating an infrared system. High-speed response eliminates the possibility of the blur. In observing the fast moving animals or birds.

The remote camera is capable of recording 12 megapixel photo or video resolution of 720p. Recording time is 30 seconds. Information storage has a slot for SDHC cards for up to 32 GB inclusive.

Camera WI 360 Cam is powered by eight AA batteries. And can be connected to an external battery. It comes with a USB cable for data transfer. Hunters and conservationists can make an inventory of wild animals in the “out of the box.”

Also included with the supplied mounting system T-Post. For easy installation in any location. The camera is waterproof moisture-resistant device and a camouflage body TRUbark HD. At the time of the sale have not been started yet. For more information about the product can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Source: Wildgameinnovations

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