“Tiamat crown” traditional Chinese version this fall on the PS3, PS Vita

According to legend, the rivers and lakes lengthy “Tiamat crown” Traditional Chinese version has been published friends.

Taiwan, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that it will fall on the 11th launch of PS3, PS Vita “Tiamat crown” (Dragon’s Crown) Traditional Chinese; then the player will be able to feel through the Chinese subtitles 2D action role-playing fantasy world.


“Tiamat crown” from “Oboro Muramasa” and “Odin sphere” developer Vanillaware and “fantasy gods” of Ignition Entertainment co-production. In the 2D side-scrolling game world, emphasizing the “sword”, “magic”, “dragon” three elements, players have to play adventurers, seeking treasure must also unlock the secrets of the dragon, are quite orthodox fantasy Role-playing games are played. System in addition to support for 2 to 4 person multiplayer mode, PS3 and PS Vita also provides cross-platform connectivity play.


So far, the Asian release date for the Japanese version of July 25; This confirmation Traditional Chinese version available only scheduled this fall, the rest Offer details will be announced in the future, will also launch PS Vita card version, PS Store download version.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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