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Since the release of the first model of the next generation of floor-standing speakers CS (Coherent Source), which incorporates the principle of coherence of sound, more than five years. Monumental Thiel Audio CS3.7 we tested in May 2008, and presented Hi-Fi-community after leaving the master column CS2.7 – in March 2013. Today, we are familiar with the traditional attending this series of small two-lane Napolnikov – this time with an index CS1.7.

They seem tiny even without comparison with the rest of the current line spokeswoman CS, although their size figures do not confirm this. The reason – the sloping front panel, allowing to synchronize time and phase characteristics of the speakers speaker, tapering upwards body give the impression of lightness and even a plain, especially with protective grilles. Vertical slit-like reflex port is on the front panel on the back – just a couple of connectors, which allows the speakers very close to the wall. Bass then become more significant, but still quite manageable and tonal variety. The middle is also made more prominent, however, is not to the detriment of the rest of the frequency bands.

CS1.7 model designed to work in the most ordinary rooms, and in the “Operating Instructions” gives some practical advice on how to install. We advise you to listen to them, as well as to their own feelings when searching for the optimal location of the speaker.

Unlike other models of the current generation of CS in CS1.7 does not use coaxial transducers with corrugated diaphragms by Jim Thiel, but this method of increasing the rigidity of the aluminum diffuser used for 6.5-inch midrange / woofer. It allows you to extend its operating range up to 10 kHz and produce a separation of bands through the filter of the first order, which is also in line with the principle of coherence.

Family character

Do Thiel Audio CS1.7 recognizable – for those who are familiar with the other speakers in this series – the character of the sound. It is easy, rapid, extremely clear and detailed. Bass potential, of course, more modest than the others, and this affects the magnitude of the image with the orchestra playing “Symphonie Fantastique” by G. Berlioz, but the scene is quite broad and deep, separated by a group of instruments and timbre are valid, and the drumbeat in the fourth part of a heavy, sharp and intense.

Vocal A. Netrebko arias from operas by SACD Sempre Libera natural, rich, articulate, and he admired the subtlety and brilliance of coloratura, the orchestra and chorus are also transmitted alive, with careful study of all the components and their excellent agreement. Top of clear, textured, iridescent, with a meteoric rise to the upper voice notes and volume levels, they remain as sharp and clear – without the slightest sign of hardness or sharpness.

Such sensitive speakers like Thiel Audio CS1.7, of course, demanding of the quality of the other components of the sound section and musical material, but do not know how to stick out the flaws records, especially made for a long time, and send all tones, shades and nuances of the game such a complex instrument like a violin D. Sitkovetsky hands on the CD Beethoven Violin Concerto Romances.

The rich, rhythmic and accurately recorded arrangements of French songs on the CD J’ai deux Amours and the wonderful voice of Dee Dee Bridgewater by CS1.7 deliver a lot of fun and create good mood. In the bizarre and unexpected compositions of Richard Galliano, based on the music of Nino Rota for the films, we note that may arise from a pause in silence them alive, full of anticipation of new sounds, which suggests the magnificent micro-drivers speaker.

LF potential in CS1.7 not less than the other speakers of the same size, but the quality of the bar of expectations their brethren raised very high. The sound of CD Tom Jones & Jools Holland is not impressed: in the absence of a powerful bass somehow lost its charm and brutal vocals of Tom Jones. So fans of certain genres of hard rock, for example, should find something else. Those who want a small seating area to enjoy good music, especially in formats HD-Audio, Playback is the latest components, be sure to look at the Thiel Audio CS1.7.

Price: $ 7300

Pros: Smooth, elegant, clear, but the precise, detailed, energetic and well-coordinated sound, comfortable size, good looks

Cons: Nothing much

Verdict: Small for connoisseurs of music

In terms of figures

  • Sensitivity: 87 dB
  • Frequency response: 52 Hz-20 kHz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Power: 100 W: -: 400 W
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 92 × 24 × 30 cm (without spikes)
  • Weight: 23 kg

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