The Stanley Parable – linear story

The Stanley Parable – last mod for Half-Life 2, and now the independent game – instantly blew up the Internet. All her declaration of love. And expensive blockbusters to the plot, like BioShock: Infinite or The Last of Us, at the sight of Stanley suddenly lost and huddle in a corner. And for good reason.

Stanley (Stanley) simple office worker. Every day he comes to a close gray little room, sits down at the computer and regularly presses buttons on the keyboard, following the instructions on the screen. Stanley does not understand the meaning of his work, though she gives him a purpose and makes you happy. When these buttons are pressed, it means that someone needs!

But once things go awry.

The computer is silent, silently blinking cursor. The building is a strange silence reigns. Looking out from his little room, Stanley sees in office kubiklah no one. Here and there on the floor scattered papers. Spot at the table in a hurry flowed out of the overturned coffee cup …

“Stanley has decided that all went into the meeting room” – suggests the voice-over narrator.

Stanley – is you. And all the others, can indeed be assembled in the meeting room? You start your way around the office, could not help looking into all the corners and checking screens office computers. And pretty soon go out into the small hall, on the far side of which are two doors.

“Stanley went to the door on the left” – the narrator said.

At this point, The Stanley Parable catches you on the hook.

Of course, you can go into the left door. In general, do all that said impregnated easy snobbery background voice – so you get to the first, most obvious ending. But very quickly want to break the system. Do not go into the left door, and to the right. Do not get up, and go down the stairs. Go to the end of the corridor, and not turn back, as it asks “commentator”.

The more you svoenravnichaete, the more nervous narrator trying to fine-tune your story to your actions. The more he was nervous, so you are breaking the rules of gambling. The narrator goes astray, the story begins again and again, changing on the fly, something fun, something frightening. Are you looking for new ways to destroy it.

The Stanley Parable – an interesting experiment with the game narrative. It is absolutely impossible to explain in detail – because it would have to part zaspoylerit prepared surprises and spoil the fun of opening them. And he did not fit into the definition of the genre, which confirms its originality.

Stanley listens to the voice in your head and spinning like a squirrel in a cage, trying to find a way out of the maze of office. But instead finds only additional meanings of what is happening to him. He participated in some kind of experience? He was the victim of an evil genius fun? He dreams of a strange dream? Stanley exist at all?

At some point, the familiar voice of the commentator is suddenly replaced by another – a pleasant female. “You can not win” – you say – “Press Escape and select the menu item Quit. There is no other way out, stop! “. But you can not – so fascinating and unpredictable this experiment.

PS If you are not on good terms with the English wait Russian subtitles, which should appear in the game from day to day.

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