Spot Goes Down Free – frightened blot challenges

Spot Goes Down Free-this is an example where a simple idea creates a difficult game. Difficult in the sense when deciding to play around five minutes before bedtime or in transport, you run the risk of not a little to get excited for a much longer period of time. Spot – hardcore mobile game. If you’ve played Super Meat Boy, you immediately realize what is at stake and the most interesting is that this is the reason why you want to run Spot again.

Version: 1.0.6

Technical Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher

Category: Action / Arcade

Spot destiny brought to the top of notebook sheet. Spot scared and lonely – he really wants to go home. The only way out for him – to fly down, very risky. Spot on the way to meet a lot of dangers that blocked his way home, but he has to survive, to go through them all and finally get back.

Yes, undoubtedly, the spot really want to go home, but then we all know that he has no chance – the game is infinite, and your goal is to fly as low as possible, as long as possible, and even desirable that the fall rate was highest – so you’ll quickly earn points.

If the spot can only imagine what awaits him on his way home, he probably would have said goodbye to their homeland at the same moment, without batting an eye. But the point is not to assume blots, and fly down as soon as possible and as much as possible technical. For it to answer you. Tilting the device to the left and to the right you move the blob. The faster tipped off, the sooner moved our hero. If the blob flies off-screen, it immediately appears on the other side of it.

Spot on the way across the platform with spikes of all kinds – large and small, vertical and horizontal, moving and static. The longer a spot coming down, the higher the speed of his fall, and the emergence of obstacles becomes more frequent and they are beginning to acquire the most incredible combinations, whistling a fraction of pixels from our hero. At some point, due to the lower edge of the screen takes a huge rotating saw and you can not get around it – your reaction to finally failed, causing in turn suffered a blot ink splatter on a sheet of paper. It will happen often, very often. But, in a moment when you blood and then broke a new record for myself, closer to the desired Spot landing, you realize that the game was worth the candle.

However, if you really want to set records, and show off their skills in front of friends, and put a blot and the nerves are not very grave danger, the developers have prepared for you a very pleasant nuance in mechanics. Spot on the way across a small platform without thorns. Here they can safely land and hang out there all day. Upon landing on a platform speed of falling down and when you fly back down to avoid obstacles becomes much easier.

Mechanics of the game is simple, but together with a responsive management is extensive control your character, and as a result, you can get out of almost any situation ..

In the spot graphic style is quite atypical for most arcades mobile market. In contrast Colorful rainbow Fortunately, Spot offers a gloomy world a piece of paper impregnated with evil ink spots formed by different forms of obstacles that and strive to make our hero in a soulless ink splatter.

We should also mention the musical accompaniment. The main theme to stimulate the desire to throw Spot as low as possible, and when a little delayed in the main menu to listen to the melody, instinctively imagine – how inkblot be sad in this world of evil dark ink.

Spot is able to captivate and inspire a long time. It is particularly likely to appeal to all those who long for games that can offer the player a challenge. If you are one of them, it is likely that the spot you’ll be pleased and then he’ll take myself a considerable amount of your time. If you do not like serious Challenge, most of all, this project is not for you.


  • The intense gameplay
  • Responsive handling
  • High-quality music
  • Interesting visual style


  • Lack of online leaderboards

Cost: Free

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