“Now is the time»: Samsung encourages iPhone users to switch to Galaxy S4 [video]

Samsung removed the new promo video for the smartphone Galaxy S4, continuing to insist on the superiority of its flagship device, and calling iPhone users go to your device.

The action takes place on the plane. In the story of one of the passengers roller bored with questions about his neighbor Galaxy S4. He says that he likes the “simple phones”, pointing to the screen of the iPhone, but it is curious that may smartphone Samsung. He tells about the function of Smart Pause, which automatically puts the video is paused when the user looks away, and Smart Switch, which allows fast data transfer from your old phone to the Galaxy. Not without its advertising function for the “Dummies» Easy Mode, which was created as an introduction to Korean vehicles.

Toward the close of advertising the iPhone user lacks a neighbor Galaxy S4 and stretched in a chair with his smartphone.

“Now is the time to move on. Easy Mode, Smart Pause and Smart Switch – just some of the innovative features Galaxy S4. Learn about all the features on the site of the smartphone Galaxy S4. Join our Community Park “- reads the text in the description to the clip.

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