Nokia calls on Microsoft to develop faster WP

The Finnish manufacturer of smartphones, the compan Nokia, Microsoft unexpectedly showed a number of claims. Senior representatives of the Nokia partner actively encouraged to develop Windows Phone. This was stated by the Vice-President of the European corporation Brian Bayniak.

According to him, the Finns are fulfilling their commitments and regularly produces innovative device. Microsoft is well accustomed to software updates, at best, once a year, does not have time to adapt to a rapidly changing smartphone market.

Brian Bayniak in an interview with International Business Times on the question of whether the planned release of Windows Phone on high-profile applications, said the following:

This is not a cost issue, “whether there will be” those applications.
Earlier I spoke with the developers, and they had to ask, “will you?” Now the question is different – “when?”

Despite all the incredible efforts of Nokia, produces innovative Lumia 925 and Lumia 920 , as well as a camera phone Lumia 1020 , this is not enough, because users still need the program, said a company representative.

He also gave an example where at the turn of the century brought Microsoft Xbox to market, dominated by Sony and Nintendo. Console had a very hard to fight against competitors, but still thanks to exclusive games consoles could find its niche. Today, it is in need of Windows Phone applications that can not offer other platforms.

Brian Bayniak added that in the smartphone segment time – a very important factor, and Nokia does not like to wait for the end of the fiscal year, Microsoft, when that is activated in order to catch up on lost time.

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