Apple wants $ 30 for each smartphone Samsung

Apple and Samsung continue to sort things out in the courtroom, and each case is even more interesting earlier. Now the apple company wanted to Korean manufacturer paid her royalties from every smartphone sold. Size of the “reward” a very decent – just U.S. $ 30.

Samsung tablet business also liked Apple, and, rightly judging that the computers are physically larger than smartphones, it sought a royalty rate is $ 40. All these proposals are spelled out in a special cross-licensing agreement that Apple offered to sign their Asian arch-enemy.

Samsung, closely acquainted with the proposals of Apple for the peaceful settlement of another patent dispute, did not sign anything, because that 30 that $ 40 from a single device – a lot.

Apple would like to receive a share of virtually every mobile device from Samsung, without exception, and especially its flagship interested. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 sold very well, but as the Koreans and other devices, and according to estimates, Apple passive income would have increased by approximately $ 1 billion.

How to continue the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung, time will tell. The two companies have a very long fight with each other, but before the final victory of one party is far away. But despite the strong enmity, they manage to co-operate in some areas of the business. In particular, Samsung has long supplied the Apple processors for its phones and tablets.

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