Nexus 6. Perhaps, Motorola?

Nexus 6. Perhaps, Motorola?

Nexus 6. Perhaps, Motorola?

Long time we did not hear anything about the Nexus 6, is not it? We even managed to scare rumors that we will not see new models in this series. Well that it was subsequently disproved employees Google. Strictly speaking, the only thing we know for sure is that the new LG “google phone” will not produce , no matter how well it turned out she had not before. And then who? Perhaps, Motorola.

Rumors about the Nexus 6

According to the information received by the Editor Android Police, Motorola is preparing a 5.9-inch smartphone codenamed Shamu, and while it is all that is known about him. What indicates that this may be exactly Nexus-device?

First, we have already heard the story of that figure in the name of each Nexus does not mean his generation, and the diagonal of the screen (well, or something, and more).

Second, as is well known, apart from official name, and often have a smart code. Nexus line for gadgets codenames selected on the marine theme, in particular, used names of actual fish names or cartoon characters (also fish). A first result in a Google search results for query «Shamu», is an article on Wikipedia, which tells about a very popular in the mid 60-ies of XX century orca, which is exactly what was called. Thus, the device fits directly into the two theories: the code name and the screen diagonal.

If the rumors are true, then we are waiting for the fall 9-inch tablet from HTC and 5.9-inch smartphone from Motorola, both, of course, on the new OS – Android L. However, even the fashion for 5.5-inch screens is sufficient number of disputes about their necessity and convenience, not to mention the almost six inches. Decision, frankly, is contradictory. Nexus 6 will have to compete, for example, a device such as Galaxy Note 3, which has a huge plus in the form of a stylus. Whatever it was, the answers are expected, we get in November.

And you personally interested Nexus with all its advantages, provided a diagonal? Or you do not believe that Google will take such a step? Share your opinion in the comments.

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