Nexus 6: All that we know about him

Nexus 5, the product of collaboration Google Inc. and LG, was introduced in the autumn of 2013, and about him and his predecessors on AndroidInsider spoke often and mostly good – and otherwise, because all devices in the lineup managed to combine a technological stuffing and attractive price tag. That’s why the Nexus output next generation – is expected and important event in the life of all the fans of Android. Putting all the rumors and theories about future trends.

Theory number 1: Google and LG

The Korean company has already presented the world with such wonderful and successful commercially devices like the Nexus 4 and 5. Therefore, the information of our colleagues from the sixth phoneArena Nexus from LG seems plausible. Last month, foreign resources talked about “Google Phone”, which will inherit the characteristics have not yet announced the flagship G3, including the display with a resolution of 2K diagonal of 5.5 inches and a 64-bit processor.

Theory number two: Google and HTC

An alternative theory of Android Geeks second contender for the role of producer Nexus 6 is none other than HTC – the company previously attributed to participation in the creation of the next full-size tablet from Google , and not forget that the first phone with a “clean” Android, Nexus One submitted 4 years ago, has been created by Taiwanese vendor.

If the rumors are correct, then instead of 64-bit chip Nexus 6 receive stuffing M8 (hopefully without double ultrakamery) Snapdragon with 801/805, the same 5.5 inches and an updated Android . Release is expected in October 2014.

Theory number 3: The end of an era Nexus

We should not exclude the possibility of the disappearance of smartphones Nexus from store shelves. Earlier we talked about the fact that Google does not want to create competition for manufacturers with Android-devices and can replace your original Soup for the products of other companies in the version of Google Play Edition.

What is the solution for the search giant will be the most correct opinion?

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