New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

If the new Monitor Audio Bronze 2 cause you a sense of deja vu, that’s exactly what achieved in the Monitor Audio. Seeing no reason to change a winning formula, the company has chosen an evolutionary, not a revolutionary way, by making a lot of changes in the structure of the AU and making them probably the most advanced version of the Bronze. Launched in 2000, the first line of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 version takes the starting position in the range of Monitor Audio. Five generations later, it remains one of the most important products of the company, and bookshelf model at index “2” became its cornerstone.

Feature of the new Monitor Audio Bronze 2

But if the speaker looks almost no different from its predecessors, something about everything else that can be said. In particular, both speakers have been upgraded. They have kept the aperture of the C-CAM (aluminum-magnesium alloy with a ceramic coating), but the 16.5-cm mid / bass cone head began without the usual cup-shaped holes with a dust cover in the center – it has increased rigidity, increased the size of the emitting region and strengthen control in the upper segment of the working range. Also, the suspension has been upgraded speakers.

New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

Traditional golden dome tweeter looks familiar, but for him, too, much has changed. The new system of ventilation lets air into the rear chamber. This prevents its compression behind the membrane that reduces distortion and improves the dynamics and reduces unwanted mechanical resonance.

New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

Speakers Monitor Audio Bronze 2 are famous for perfect edges and sophisticated finish, and Monitor Audio Bronze 2 in creating the company surpassed herself. Quite a large body of the AU – 35 cm high – is made entirely of 1.8-centimeter the MDF and trimmed vinyl one of the four colors (black oak, walnut, rosewood or white ash). In addition to the structural strength of stiffeners further enhanced by the deliberate fixing midrange / woofer – he retained only a bolt fixed on the rear panel. Along with concealed magnetic snap this solution gives the front of the Bronze 2 extremely neat appearance.

Parameters AS (Application sensitivity 90dB, impedance 8 ohms) provide decent sound with any good amplifier that delivers about 30 watts per channel.

New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

These integrated amplifiers, as the Marantz PM6005 or NAD D3020, are ideal.

Front ports Monitor Audio Bronze 2 provides greater freedom in terms of accommodation. When installing against wall speakers do not play too smoothly, but 30 inches of it will delight you with excellent sound. It is worth experimenting with the angle of rotation to generate the best stereo image, but in this regard, the AU is not particularly picky.

New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

We recommend that you do not splurge on a good reception – such as the Atacama Moseco 6 ($ 400). Dual-cable connection enhances transparency and improves the sound elaboration.

New Monitor Audio Bronze 2 immediately make a good impression, but to fully see all their wonderful qualities have to listen to the speakers a little longer. Their sound can not be called catchy, but give them a little time – and you will appreciate the depth of their talent.

In recent years, we are very fond of “Moonlight” by Debussy, so that from we started. Monitor Audio have been tested with glitter; they are extremely delicate and expertly controlled dynamics.

All the elements worked out perfectly sound – from soft piano music attenuation to accurately transmit the slightest change of pace. Monitor Audio Bronze 2 completely fascinate; these treasures rarely come across in this price category.

New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

Hans Zimmer soundtrack for the film “Home” allows the AU to demonstrate their confident bass. Nisa differs enviable intelligibility and control; they give credibility and density of the compositions such as Mombasa.

We are delighted with the coherence Monitor Audio Bronze 2 games on the highest volume, and by their incredible scale. In fact, they have almost no weaknesses; due to the adjusted design, they are endowed with a rare refinement.

But this does not mean that the AU did not react to aggressive or overly recording straightforward approach of other system components. They are transparent enough to fully reflect all that is happening to the signal on its way – it should take into account when choosing partners.

New speaker Monitor Audio Bronze 2 review

Song King And Lionheart Group Of Monsters And Men admire the punch. AU inherent high accuracy of the reconstruction of rhythms and flawless transmission of rhythmic drive music. Open and expressive medium range Monitor Audio Bronze 2 allows you to emphasize all the features of the votes.

Verdict Monitor Audio Bronze 2

These speakers Monitor Audio Bronze 2 have a decent size for its deep bass and excellent tonal balance and superior detail. It should also take into account the quality of the design and traditionally high standards of finishing Monitor Audio. Column Monitor Audio Bronze 2 previous generations became leaders in their class; the new version will not disgrace the glorious ancestors.

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