New Huawei devices Poseidon - a prototype of the new Nexus?

New Huawei devices Poseidon – a prototype of the new Nexus?

The network has the video with a mysterious novelty new Huawei devices called Poseidon (seen on the cover), which is rumored to be a prototype of the new smartphone Nexus for Google.

Feature of new Huawei devices

It is expected that this year will see two models of smartphones Nexus – “little” 5.2-inch LG production and a large 5.7-inch by new Huawei devices. Judging from the video, the smartphone does seem great. Unfortunately, the movie is very short, and many simply do not see, but certainly the machine is made of black plastic while the rear is equipped with a fingerprint scanner in style Mate 7.

In addition, it has around the eye of the camera, an easy lighting, speakers are placed below and to the left facet of the volume taken out swing and throws the silver power button. The most interesting – a mysterious connector at the bottom. It is not clear, it costs a prototype or something new. There are those among our readers repairers? I would like to hear expert opinion.

Source: androidauthority

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