Adobe again provided stylus and a ruler for tablets has officially unveiled a few of their products, which should interest people of creative professions – pen and a ruler for drawing, as well as new software for the creation and processing of artistic projects.

Aluminum stylus called Project Mighty different from their counterparts integrated pressure sensor, which determines the thickness of the line being drawn. Thus the process of drawing realistic play. Erase the drawn lines with the possibility of a finger. next creative gadget – a kind of ruler , Project Napoleon, as it was called at Adobe. By putting it on the tablet screen, the artist sees the projected line and make it appear in the picture, it will be necessary to hold the stylus on the line.

Both gadgets have a button which when pressed displays a context menu with additional features and settings. Both gadgets are connected to the tablet via Bluetooth.

Despite the compatibility of a stylus and a ruler with any third-party, Adobe released an additional Parallel professional software for creating thumbnails and Contour for converting photos into drawings. Of course, both programs will be synchronized via the Creative Cloud.

In the sale of these devices will arrive early next year. The price has not been revealed.

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