Overview of the operating system from Apple iOS 7

After nearly six years after the first announcement of the iPhone platform and iOS (the then iPhone OS), Apple has revealed a completely revamped mobile operating system.

On the interface iOS 7 working team of designers led by Johnny Ive (Jony Ive), so the appearance of the new system came out as simple and concise, like the others, he created products.

overview-operating-system-apple-ios-7-raqwe.com-01One could even argue that Apple followed the trend, initiated by Microsoft in the operating system Windows Phone, with an emphasis on two-dimensional graphics and fonts. This is a “simplification” of the interface is clearly not pass without debate, and do not leave people indifferent. But let’s look at what’s new in Apple made iOS 7.

Control Center – Control Center

Quick access to the settings of the flyout – function, long known users to Android, but iOS is nothing like “out of the box” was not. In Apple decided to remedy this shortcoming, so that iOS 7 will be the control center, which can be called by swiping your finger from the bottom to the center of the screen.


This menu will be set to turn on / off the “in plane”, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mode “do not disturb”, screen rotation, and adjust the brightness. In the same panel will be key players, sound control, the keys activate AirDrop and AirPlay. At the bottom of the control center will be located buttons: a flashlight, a timer, a calculator and a camera.

The new center alerts

In iOS 6 Apple developers have submitted notification center, which contains all the notifications that arrive at the device. The new version of this function will improve, and iOS 7 will receive a notification in the center of three tabs: Today, everything is missing.


Tab “Today” will display the weather, reminders, schedules, calendar and other useful information that users may want during the day.

The tab “all”, as you might guess, contains all the notifications that fall into your device. By analogy, in the “missing” you can see all the missed warning or those with which the user did not do anything for 24 hours.


In the Apple iOS 7 promises to implement a new multitasking, in which the system will study the habits of the user, that is, at what time and what applications they use. This will allow the operating system to automatically update the contents of the programs at a time when people have to work with them.


Sounds strange, but Apple promises that if a user opens a news application at 9 am each day, iOS 7 will learn it, and will automatically update the news even before he took the smartphone / tablet in hand.

In addition, the interface will update the multitasking besides icons it will also contain a card applications that you can close the flick of a finger from the center to the top of the screen.


The camera interface in iOS 7 will change to match the system to switch between different shooting modes it will be possible to use the swipe gesture.


In addition, Apple will add a camera filters and the new “square” photo size, the result will something similar to Instagram, but without the social component. In total there will be nine filter chamber with the possibility of viewing real time.


Built Gallery in iOS 7 will learn to sort the photos, taking into account not only the date but also the time and place. Thus, the pictures can be automatically sorted in the “Collections”, “Moments” and “Years.”


By year all clear, but each “year” contains the “Collections” that sort photos by geography, for example, a walk through the city to another.


In turn, the “Collections” include “Moments”, this is the same sort by geodata, but broken down into smaller parts, for example, a photo from one of the street.


AirDrop function first appeared in OS X 10.8, it can help to be shared between multiple files your Mac. With the release of iOS 7, it will also appear on the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch, and allow you to send to compatible devices, photos, videos, documents, and contacts through a network of Wi-Fi.


Safari browser

Apple designers redesigned mobile browser Safari, he began to look better, and at the same time has added new features. It appeared a unified line for address entry and retrieval of information, added the ability to navigate with gestures, as well as change the display mode of the open tabs.


In addition, while scrolling down the page, the browser will now automatically hide the navigation bar and enter the address, turning the site almost the entire screen.

As in Safari for OS X Mavericks, the mobile version you can view sent from the browser to the social network links, and iCloud Keychain password synchronization and the ability to automatically generate them.

Internet Radio

Rumors that Apple will launch Internet radio service went a long time ago, and the company still has taken this step, but used a different approach. Thus, the presented service iTunes Radio is part of the iTunes Store, and lets you listen to Internet radio, choosing from more than 200 thematic stations.


Its operation is structured so that the more people are listening to music, the more accurate the recommendations he gives service. Because this radio is part of the store, all you can listen to the song right there to buy.

In fact, the launch of iTunes Radio and aims to generate sales of music in the iTunes Store. As long as the service works only in the U.S., but Apple promises to expand it to other countries.

App Store

In the App Store will be a new feature to search for programs, which will be called Apps Near Me. It will pick up the application, depending on the user’s location.


For example, if a person was in the Louvre, App Store with a new feature to show him all of the applications that are relevant to this museum. Also in the App Store will be a new category of software and games for children.

Search for iPhone

With Apple iOS 7 seriously take up the problem of lost or stolen iPhone, with an updated feature Find My iPhone unlock or reset the device will not be so easy.


The new version of iOS this safety feature can not be disabled without entering a username and password, Apple ID, just like reset the device to factory default settings. If the attacker still managed to reset, Find My iPhone can still display on the lock screen smart phone message from the actual owner. In addition, to reactivate the iPhone will also need to enter the Apple ID, which is used to reset.

Release iOS 7 will take place in the autumn of this year, so Apple is still time to finalize the design and functionality of the system. Upgrading to a new version of the OS will: iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 4, 3, 2, and mini.

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