Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Smartphone Philips I928 – the first device manufacturer under this by letter, and immediately flagship. The main feature of this smartphone – a rare combination of eight-processor with a six-inch Full HD display and a separate audio processor. In the Chinese market, is rumored to be even more interesting smartphone I908 thickness of less than 5.5 mm. All of this looks great on paper, but it will manifest itself in real life?

Packaging, equipment – Philips I928

The smartphone has arrived for testing in a white box (bottom half is painted blue to match the logo).

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Underneath the device packed: Charger with USB-cable, protective film on the screen and very high quality for complete headphones with soft ear cushions are medium in size.

Appearance – Philips I928

Philips I928 comes in a black case, but in the near future will be one in white casing.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

The entire front panel is covered with a durable glass protected from scratches. Above the screen is located in the middle of the earpiece on the left – the front camera lens is on the right – and light sensors approximation. Below – touch the “Back”, “Menu” and “List of applications.”

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

On the left side is a button to adjust the volume to the right – the power button.

At the top end – open connectors micro-USB and audio 3.5 mm on the bottom – the microphone.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

The back panel is made of hard plastic with a pattern “under the skin”. Top – the main lens 13 megapixel camera, slightly protruding from the body, to the right – a dual LED flash. Below – two rectangular stereo, covered a total mesh.

Under the hood is a large battery white, above it – the slot microSD, microSIM and SIM, displaying the correct position of the cards.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Memory card and a large SIM-card can be inserted without removing the battery, but for the release of slots it still have to be removed. The microSD card is recognized immediately, “Simcoe” need to reboot. Before installing the latest best to remove the battery.

Ergonomics – Philips I928

The smartphone is well placed in either hand thanks to a thin frame (3 mm each side, 8-10 on top, 14-16 bottom). The rough surface of the back does not give him the slip, in addition to it does not remain any traces. The buttons on the sides are evenly under your fingers, they are pretty thin, but look for them to touch easily. Connectors for connections on the top do not interfere with calls and surf the Internet at additional charge smartphone and listening to music on headphones. All this to ensure that the use of Philips I928 extremely convenient.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

You can complain about except for the location of the flash, which sometimes accidentally locked finger. And on the second hour of the movie is playing back a little hot body, but does not cause discomfort.

Screen – Philips I928

Six-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (367 pixels per inch) and scratch protection has excellent viewing angles and color reproduction.

At the minimum brightness level and see everything in the dark, in the daytime, and in direct sunlight enough 70-80% backlight. Light sensor is working properly, but too sensitive: with vigorous scrolling up when a finger covers it periodically, the backlight will “blink.”

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Display aware of up to five simultaneous key presses. He recognizes good touch – you can easily get on the links typed in small print.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

In the settings screen is smooth power image ClearMotion, the operation of which is clearly visible in the dynamic video scenes. In the “Lock Screen” have a choice between a quick application access (incoming messages, missed calls) and watching the latest video on the locked screen. They slowly circled the imaginary path, not stopping at the touch.

Accelerometer sensor responds very quickly.

Interface software – Philips I928

The smartphone runs Android 4.4.2 with a standard interface. By default, there are only two desktops, you can create another movement of the application icon to the right, with no cycle through.

General setting options in this smartphone is less than desirable. For example, in the drop-down menu settings have already two “data”, one of which is lit all the time, even when everything is turned off (counting traffic over 3G and Wi-Fi), and you can not change it.

The standard set of applications added to FM-radio (with a headset as an antenna), Kingsoft Office, Mimic Circus (photo editor) and two paid services: musical Zvooq (2 months for free) and a book Bookmate (month as a gift, smartphone – I928) .

Additional settings – control gestures (flipping through the pictures in the gallery with a wave front of the camera). Another gesture (two fingers up) can be replaced by pressing the shutter button in the main chamber.

Performance – Philips I928

Philips I928 running an eight CPU MediaTek MT6592 processor with a clock frequency of 1.7 GHz and has 2 GB of memory. Scaling of pages in the browser is almost instantaneous, play the game and resource-intensive parallel applications install heels – yes easily.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Smartphone “pulls” nearly all modern games. At least, the test list to put it to a dead end failed. Frame dropping occurs in Asphalt 8, but it is rather a problem of optimization. Play Dead Trigger 2 is possible without any problems, not to mention the Minion Rush and light games like Angry Birds and Subway Surf. Games effect on body temperature almost no effect.

Synthetic tests also give excellent results. According to AnTuTu, smartphone deserves 27,818 points, allowing it to be among the recognized leaders. 3DMark rated the overall performance of 6886 points, video 1080p – in 4955, 720p – in 7256.

Watch a movie in the format Full HD (adjusted for screen size) is very convenient, especially on the road. Detailing is excellent, dynamic scenes do not turn into “mush”, and the sound only improves the overall experience. The smartphone has a separate audio processor and stereo speakers, though located close to this “stereo”, it is a quality issue, “surround sound.” In the settings you can strengthen the earpiece or improve the sound in the headphones (get better bass and overall music sounds richer).

Luggage – Philips I928

The main 13 megapixel camera with dual flash, autofocus and aperture F2.0 shoots good, but not perfect.

At night photography noticeably “grain”, and indoors it is most needed include flash. For street photography and macro photography difficult to find fault.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Among the modes is “Living Photo” – a picture is displayed on the side, the screen goes a short video).

Panorama mode is not bad, but better to shoot with a tripod, or at the junction of the photo is “to spread.” By the way, view it on the screen of your smartphone, you can either as a static picture, or in the dynamics.

HDR mode works well, the result is usually better than when shooting single shots with different settings.

For lovers of portraits is the mode of “beautiful face” (removal of defects), face detection and shooting with smile detection.

Among the other options – self-timer, continuous shooting (up to 40 frames), setting geo, white balance, exposure. Photo quality is adjusted only in megapixels.

The camera shoots videos with a resolution of up to 1920×1080 pixels. Survey conducted at up to 30 frames per second. Recording starts when you click the video, but you can set a delay before the start. Minute recording takes about 100 MB of memory. The video quality is decent.

Frontal 5 megapixel camera has a wide viewing angle – 88 degrees, which allows you to talk via video link to several people. Image detail is very good, the camera can be used for self-portraits.

Wireless interfaces – Philips I928

Built-in Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth are working as they should. Cold Start GPS-receiver takes just under two minutes.

SIM-card operated alternately, to activate them need to restart the device. In the settings you can choose the basic “sim card” for normal calls, video calls and messages, as well as mobile internet (this slot to connect 3G-module for 15 seconds).

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

Interlocutors hear very well, they also did not complain. “Uluchshayzer” the sound quality is not, but even in the subway, you can hear what you say. Talk on the completeness of wired headphones is very convenient: they have the answer / end call, voice and hear perfectly.

The application calls for a comfortable, the screen displays the contacts you communicate with most often.

3G-connection is fast and works well, but the interface is a feature. Designation 3G lit next to the signal strength, even when the connection is turned off (which is especially unnerving those who sit in the mobile internet traffic). When active, the arrows appear next to the “up” and “down”, will soon get used to it and you stop noticing.

Autonomy – Philips I928

This smartphone has no prefix Xenium title, so to “long-lived” officially applies. However, for a large screen and powerful processor time before recharging is very good.

Review of the smartphone Philips I928

HD-video with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (flight mode, the maximum brightness, volume 70%) discharge of the battery for 5 hours. 40 min.

In active use, with two SIM-cards, 3G-enabled sync and 2.5 hours of operation display (internet, games, office applications, a few calls and SMS) charging enough for 7 h. 10 min.

In the settings there is a mode to save battery (you can only put a “tick” no detailed settings). Then in normal use (one hour Internet and games, 20 minutes a day) smartphone will live independently for about two days. Hour game Asphalt 8 demanded 20% of the charge. In standby mode (SIM-card active internet off) leaves 1-1.5% charge per hour.

Fully charging the battery takes 2.5 hours from the mains and 4 – from the computer.

Results – Philips I928

Philips I928 pleasant to look at and very functional. For its size, it looks elegant, but thanks to a good high-resolution display can be used as a full-fledged tablet, and as a navigator with detailed maps, and as “capsular” cinema (for the pocket, he is still too big). The recommended price of $ 440 allows it to compete successfully with many models, surpassing them in performance. If you add settings – will be quite good. And if the price drops a little more – will be just fine.

Pros Philips I928:

  • excellent performance;
  • nice looking Full HD Display;
  • safe operation of wireless connectivity, GPS;
  • sound quality of the speakers and earphones.

Cons Philips I928:

  • few additional applications and settings;
  • No LTE.

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