The network has the prototype iPhone 6 in three color variations

Stir in the background waiting for the next generation smartphones from Apple thinks not subside. In web there modelki new device. This time they are made available in three colors: gray, gold and silver. That is probably a coloristics these enclosures are made ​​iPhone 6.

Edition 9to5Mac, share photos of plastic prototypes, said that the golden circle, framing button Home, fake and real product will not receive. Why then was his stick, remains a mystery …

Anyway, except for the circular gilt features modelki these are quite similar to those we have seen before (the ones that were supposedly designed to fit the dimensions of the future covers a 4.7-inch device). Colored “mockups” look “from the back” slightly better than the front, and made clear to the new gadget schematic images that float on the internet for over a month.

Recall that the release iPhone 6 is expected to fall (although, according to recent data from Reuters, can be shifted to August). The device will receive a 4.7-inch display (almost exactly) with a resolution 1334h750 pixels (needs clarification), as well as processor A8, and the thickness of the body is not more than 6.5 mm (probably 6.1 mm). Following the “six” will be released one more device – 5.5-inch planshetofon. He may, however, be released limited party.

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