IKEA started selling residential solar panels in the UK


IKEA company started selling in the UK solar panels, which are designed for use in residential homes.

So, in sale devices intended for installation on the roof of the semi-detached house (semidetached house). The cost of solar panel capacity of 3.36 kW is £ 5700 (about $ 9200). In addition to the panel, the cost includes consulting, project creation, installation, maintenance and implementation of the monitoring system. According to preliminary calculations, the investment in the installation of solar panels will pay the average household in the UK for over 7 years. It is noted that the UK government offers private owners of solar panels to sell excess energy produced in the overall energy system of the country. In addition, the country developed financial programs to gradually make payments for the purchased solar panels.

In the future, IKEA plans to begin sales of solar panels and other regions.

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