6 best concept iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and iPhone Lite [renders]


If Apple will not have any difficulties in a couple of months, users will see the new iPhone. It is now fairly clear idea of ​​what the next “apple” phones, because this year is particularly bothered insiders working to inform in advance about the upcoming release of new products. However, the “brain” can not break the flight of fancy of designers who are looking for new form factors for the iconic smartphone from Apple. We offer you a selection of the best concepts for the iPhone recently. The review included models iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone Lite.

iPhone 6

The first concept created agency employees Designed by M. Their iPhone 6 has an octahedral shape and slim metal body. The user has only two variants of color, white and black, but the main “chip” device is a fully touch-sensitive controls. The device has a large display, which occupies almost the entire front panel of the smartphone and runs on iOS 7. Every one of the buttons are touch sensitive and are located on the edges beveled device.

Johnny Plaid concept assumes that the iPhone 6 will be made ​​using the best and most advanced materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber and graphite. The latter is a carbon-based nanomaterial with a two-dimensional crystal structure, featuring high mechanical stiffness. Telephone by using these materials is very reliable and durable, however – and a very expensive solution. In his concept Plaid refused the Home button in favor of the touch surface, and the 4.5-inch Retina Display 2 “from edge to edge” just provided with a coating of graphene.

iPhone 5S


An interesting variant of iPhone 5S prepared a German designer Philipp Mascara . His smartphone is made in a metal casing and has a small thickness and low weight. General shape of the model make it related in design to the current iPhone 5. The artist suggested that because the budget iPhone, designed to strengthen Apple’s position in emerging markets, will be presented in a few cases, the next flagship smartphone will also be painted in bright colors. Mascara offered different options of colors for the iPhone 5S: green, brown, black, blue.


His concept of the seventh-generation iPhone has shown designer Alvaro Toledo . It should appear, supposedly this fall and change the iPhone 5. The artist believes that the iPhone 5S should be curved, more ergonomic body shape, tapering at the edges. Another notable feature of the model is the frameless display – the width of the screen frame on the edges of less than a millimeter.

iPhone Lite

A great option iPhone Lite prepared Martin Hajek . The famous designer and developer of Apple-concepts, tried to create a computer model of the budget “yablofonov” by projecting its appearance in the form of three-dimensional renderings. The hardware of the device turned out bright, catchy and goes well with the interface of iOS 7.


Journalists MacRumors also decided to combine all of the latest rumors about the iPhone Lite, creating the concept of budget smartphone Apple polycarbonate plastic of different colors. Other parts of the phone remained the same – the display, the connector Lightning, front panel in white. Designers have proposed several options available to iPhone in different colors – white, yellow, red and green.

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