Review of monitor headphones Panasonic RP-HX650


Panasonic name is not associated with the manufacturer of expensive (or relatively expensive , it all depends on what one has price level ) headphones. Most of its models are presented in the segment 100-300 USD, and is to pay tribute to their money , they are quite good . The review will examine the monitor headphones Panasonic RP-HX650, which are among the most expensive in the line (about 800 USD). The box with the accessory has an inscription in two languages ​​that the headphones are able to provide highly accurate sound for audiophiles . Of course, this statement is also adjusted for the cost ( for real audiophile equipment is quite different money and used it in other technologies ) , but it still sounds great . So let’s see what are worthy of Panasonic RP-HX650.

Do headphones in the price range of 100 dollars , and the means to belong to Panasonic RP-HX650, accustomed to seeing at least cover in the package. In this model, it is not ( apparently, the entire budget went to the sound, but better). Honestly , apparently Panasonic RP-HX650 is not that impressive. This is not one of those headphones for hipsters who want to buy , because they’re all so stilnenko and krasivenko of noble materials . Yes, the head of the bow is made of metal. Ear cushions are very soft , exactly on the ears , covered kozhzamom , very decent, like the skin, they can be deployed to 90 degrees to give a listen to music to someone else. Soft headband on his head headphones sit perfectly and do not press . But the case looks the Ordinary : black glossy plastic, thin wire . In appearance, the model is difficult to understand how much it may cost , it solidly done, but on the same shelf with a variety of stylish and beautiful naushnichkami in the same price category, it obviously gets lost.

But is it worth to put on Panasonic RP-HX650 down and play music as the picture is reversed. Headphones with a 40- mm speakers. The manufacturer promises a fantastically clean sound through the use of bio – cellulose membrane ( by all accounts , is not cheating ) . Frequency response – 10 Hz to 30,000 Hz. Impedance – 32 ohms , sensitivity – 91 dB. Accordingly , RP-HX650 is not happy together with every phone or player, they are best used with stationary equipment. The sound of them pouring clean, well-balanced , with no bias in favor of low or , on the contrary , the treble. Detailing really great , beautifully transferred amount . No unpleasant boominess closed headphones. I think the Panasonic RP-HX650 their sound can not only arrange those users who are used as accessories to a minimum a half to two , or even more times the price .

In principle, the portable technology ( smart phones , iPods ) Panasonic RP-HX650 proved quite acceptable (but still a little bit of power is not enough) . Shumooizolyatsiya also drawn to evaluate if not excellent, it is very good. That is, in the office of the extraneous sounds are fully protected , but for portable use ( what if ? ) Noise of the highway or subway will be a little involved. On the other hand, is likely to hear the danger creeps up in the Panasonic RP-HX650 will also be minimized.

Therefore , Panasonic RP-HX650 – a great choice for those who are seeking headphones for stationary use in the first place in the price range of 100 dollars. But with priority given to good sound , but not stylish package. Despite the fact that the headphones look , in my view , unattractive , the quality of the sound they are issued fairly and spend their money.

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