The new monument to Steve Jobs may be the size of the Statue of Liberty

We have already talked about the fact that Steve Jobs was established many monuments, which had a different fate . Now, a group of American fans of the founder of Apple has decided to outdo all the others and to build in San Francisco, a giant monument to Steve, which will be comparable in size with the largest monuments in the world, including the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The project engaged participants kraudfandingovogo site, who started to collect money for the construction of the monument. To implement the ideas necessary to collect 50,000 dollars, of which at the moment still collected a little more than 1 percent.

The organizers came to the idea of ​​a rather creative and project participants suggested some encouragement. For example, those who donate $ 25 will receive a portrait of Steve Jobs, and donate for a $ 35 participant can expect to receive a cover-bumper for iPhone with a picture of the founder of Apple. $ 100 per participant will get a gift biographical book by Walter Isaacson, who made 1955 dollars and will be able to receive all gifts on offer, as well as VIP-invitation to the opening ceremony of the monument, besides his name will be engraved on a plate that will adorn the monument.

If you support this idea, then you have the opportunity to contribute to its implementation, passing on this link . However, given the current dynamics of fundraising, as well as a short time (campaign ends in 55 days), we seriously doubt that the idea will be implemented, and San Francisco will decorate a giant monument to Steve Jobs.

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