Instagram goes to war with the clones on the App Store

Since Instagram has not managed to acquire iPad-version of his clients are forced to either extend the standard iOS-application in full screen, or use the solutions from third-party developers. To these applications as quickly as possible were searching on App Store, developers are coming up with all kinds of combinations like Instaframe, Padgram, Insta Booth and many others. Often, they are the usual programs for creating collages.

Administration Service has decided to stop this outrage. The representatives of Instagram c were demanding a ban on the application developer to use the word «Insta», «Gram» and «IG» in your programs. Otherwise, the service will overlap them access to their API, writes TechCrunch.

Instagram calls to change the name to a more original, but at the same time is to make certain concessions. The creators of the application have the right to use the construction of the “name + for Instagram», that their program was also easy to find in the search. Apparently, soon, many developers will be forced to meet the demands of the service.

Management believes that Instagram , such applications are misleading people because they look like official. So the service intends to prohibit the use of its logo and a unique font to the end user could not distinguish the original program from the other clones. looks like Instagram operates with handouts of its owner – the social network Facebook. Last registered for a trademark «F», «FB» and even «Face».

Program, which openly declared war on the photo service, not small startups as it may seem at first glance. Followers of the same Luxogram than one million people a month. Creator of the application told the publication that is unlikely to make any changes to your product, and probably it will close forever. The other developers will be in the same boat. If they do not respond to a letter from Instagram for 48 hours, they can face serious problems.

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