Rega Elicit-R review

Rega Elicit-R review

Rega Elicit-R review

The longer we are familiar with the Rega Elicit-R, the more in love with him. At the first meeting last year, the amplifier immediately received the highest score. However, he failed to become the winner of the group test in its category, giving Roksan Caspian M2. A year later, thanks to a change in the prices of competing models, it has managed to occupy the position of one of the best in its class. And even won the Award in 2014.

Truer than the beloved dog, this remarkable amplifier delights rhythm and precision of detail. Let’s look at the Rega Elicit-R close.

Features of the Rega Elicit-R

First of all struck by an outstanding rhythm Rega Elicit-R. Mobility and control of rhythmic structures just perfect. Energetic song Little Talks Group Of Monsters And Men by Rega admire confidence and drive. Each element of the rich arrangements clearly visible. All are informative and are combined into a single coherent whole. Smooth sound completely captures the listener’s attention. Highly detailed and turns any album in an exciting adventure.

Rega Elicit-R review

This integrity of the votes of each instrument is unattainable for the less gifted amplifiers. Finer texture strumming piano keys – from attack to decay, realistic elasticity and strength of attacks on drums. Also, the natural ringing cymbals are exceptionally good.

Complicated soundtrack by Clint Mansell for the film “Moon 2112” demonstrates the unmatched meticulousness Rega Elicit-R. The amplifier can extract all the fine details of them and create a dense and coherent sound space.

Sound of the Rega Elicit-R

Dynamics is excellent; High variability makes the live elastic bass line and controlled. And the more delicate elements of music is given special attention. However, Rega Elicit-R can be accused of avarice and a little bit too much brightness as compared to the full-blooded sound Roksan K3.

The amplifier Rega Elicit-R is unique to high transparency, which he does not even try to smooth. If there are flaws in the record, they will be found and brought to your attention. Do not be surprised that if you decide to listen to the material of low quality or resolution.

The announced capacity Rega Elicit-R is 105 watts per channel into 8 ohms. In comparison with the Roksan K3 had a more compact music scene, but it is possible to easily fill out the sound of our test lab.

Rega Elicit-R review

Durable metal unit with a matte black finish weighs as much as 13 kg and looks very solid and reliable.

Round knob to change the volume and switching sources; it changes the mode by pressing the «Mode».

There are five line inputs, one of which can be designed to connect MM-phono stage. Connecting the headphones are not provided. But there is a through channel preamp output connectors for output signal linear headphone amplifier and a rare entrance to the power stage.

Rega Elicit-R review

Even if the amplifier Rega Elicit-R has become a leader in its class due to coincidence. It would not be possible without objective advantages – high detail and an enviable rhythm. Sharply distinguishes it from competitors. It is more than all competitors on the test, but once you hear it – and you’ll understand why this is so.

Rating: 5

Pros: Excellent rhythm; Highly detailed; dynamics; accuracy; workmanship and finish

Cons: Some of the brightness of the sounds demands attention in the selection of the system

Verdict of the Rega Elicit-R

Excellent amplifier Rega Elicit-R is able to give a master class on rhythm and detail.

Source: Rega

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