“Mouse” stories: Steve Jobs vs. buttons

Some details of the creation of Apple gadgets leaked to the network. Former engineer told resource Cult of Mac, Steve Jobs that dislike to the armpits with several buttons prompted manufacturers to develop devices in the field for data entry.

Abraham Farag, who now owns Spartkfactor design, says that he came to work at Apple in 1999. Designers were asked to develop a model that would replace the mouse USB Hockey Puck Mouse. Device round shape caused a lot of criticism and was quite uncomfortable, so he needed a good replacement, thorough.

The design team has produced five prototypes, but decided to finish one before the show developments Jobs. But not in time. CEO walked into the room, where the designers worked hard and saw an unfinished version.

“He looked like a gray blob. We wanted to hide it in a box, so no one sees “- says Farag. “However, Jobs looked at the frame and exclaimed:” This is brilliant. We do not need no buttons at all. ” Someone happily supported the idea: “You’re right, Steve. No buttons at all. ” Once the meeting ended, Bart Andre, Brian Happi and I began to think about how of “imperfections” make work product, how to create a mouse without buttons. “

They turned out. Born the Apple Pro Mouse, which deliveries began in 2000. Soon, however, and it needed replacing. Farag says that the design team decided to go on a simple way – to equip the mouse buttons. Scenario almost repeated.

“We are ready to discuss with Joni Ayvom prototypes. Steve Jobs was not invited to the meeting. We just were not ready to show him our projects. However, when we talked about the options, the head of the company passed by, saw the prototypes on the table and went into the office. “What kind of morons work on the task?” – He said, realizing that it was in front of him. I volunteered to relieve stress: “The marketing department has asked us to do it. This mouse buttons. It has been approved, so we are working on it. “Then Jobs stared at me. “Marketing – it’s me. And I say that we do not make this product “, – he said and left the room.”

Volitional decision businessman helped Cupertino release Mighty Mouse , and then the Magic Mouse. Button in the devices used to a minimum.

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