Metal Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 Apple will be releasing a partner

Not so long ago it was reported that Samsung plans to use for the new flagship Galaxy S5 metal housing. Until now, the company preferred plastic, removable battery, and what arguments Koreans will now result in favor of the favorite “apple” competitor structural material can only guess.

As reported Wednesday edition PhoneArena, preparation for the announcement of a smartphone with a metal housing is actively conducted in collaboration with Samsung Catcher – a contract manufacturer that supplies aluminum shells MacBook Air notebooks and tablets iPad mini, and soon can replenish its backlog and the housings for iPhone 5s. Expanding the range of orders at Catcher is intended to offset the decline in production volumes of cases for smartphones HTC.

Rumors that Samsung may enter into a contract with a partner Apple, appeared in September. Apparently, the Koreans staged samples that they provided Catcher, so they decided to collaborate. As expected, the production of premium buildings material starts in December.

Early next year, Samsung will release at least one top-end phone with metal housing, said PhoneArena. But many observers believe that it is the time to appear on the market Samsung Galaxy S5. It is quite possible that this mysterious gadget will be exactly next flagship smartphone Koreans. Catcher may be charged issue from 10 to 30 million of metal cases for Samsung-vehicles per year.

According to recent reports, Galaxy S5 can come in February-March, ie, only 10 months after the release of Galaxy S4. Latest models promise “OSes» Android 4.4 KitKat, 5-inch ultra-high resolution 560 ppi, 3 GB of RAM, 16-megapixel camera and a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.

According to rumors, Samsung may release two models of Galaxy S5: «normal” plastic coated with a processor Snapdragon, and “premium” in the body of a metal and a 64-bit processor Eyxnos.

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