Samsung Galaxy S5: plastic body and back in style Galaxy Note III [RUMORS]

According to the latest rumors the South Korean manufacturer could remain true to its materials and plastic, finally abandoning the idea of precious materials such as metal, for the construction of the next Samsung Galaxy S5. The information provided by the guys at GalaxyS5Info not end here, as even the back cover should remain in plastic with textured faux leather, how about Galaxy Note III.

All these items may go against everything we’ve read and written on the previous rumors about the Galaxy S5, which saw the top-range with an all-metal body.

Unfortunately, we do not know what can be the reliable informant of this news, but we certainly can not rule out that Samsung has plans to build a smartphone again with plastic back faux leather, if the Galaxy Note III unable to obtain equally extraordinary success.

Maybe we will not see smartphone with metal bodies by Samsung at least until you really start the dynasty of the Galaxy device F, the new range of the South Korean manufacturer, much talked about in the past.

We just have to wait for more information.

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