Why New Microsoft Surface Hub interesting than HoloLens

Why New Microsoft Surface Hub interesting than HoloLens

Why New Microsoft Surface Hub interesting than HoloLens

Most recently, Microsoft held an unusually interesting event. She showed a new version of Windows called Windows 10.

The company put emphasis on the quality of integration of desktop and mobile versions of Windows, as well as the integration between Windows 10 and the Xbox One.

It seemed interesting new browser codenamed Spartan.

But the real hit was augmented reality system called HoloLens. (HoloLens similar to virtual reality glasses from “Back to the Future II”. “The Future” was happening in 2015!)

Worth seeing the official video of HoloLens from Microsoft, and it becomes easy to understand the amazement of the audience. Especially the press.

The publication called The Verge HoloLens «intriguing», Ars Technica – «magic», Gizmodo – “stunning”.

In HoloLens all built on feelings, but as a product it is not very interesting. And all because he is not a product. Not even close. Microsoft HoloLens before the release of three, four or five years. We do not know.

HoloLeans – is a research product. Microsoft creates such great research projects already for 20 years I’ve seen absolutely perfect voice synthesis technology from Microsoft Research, she could play the voice of any person. The demonstration was attended by stars. I’ve seen projects Microsoft Research, in which instead of video chat participated animated avatars in real time by using cameras. I saw a Microsoft Research project with self-artificial intelligence, which analyzed the vocabulary and understand the connection between words and concepts, resulting in a “understood” the world. And it was 15 years ago.

Previously, Microsoft has never showed such great projects in public and certainly not produced them in a commercial product.

Who changed only that CEO Satya Nadella decided to slightly enhance the excitement around Microsoft by showing one of the slaughter of research projects at major events. But so far there is no evidence – zero! – That Microsoft has learned to turn such great projects into real products.

By the time HoloLeans become a finished product, this technology will be considered trite commonplace. Already, dozens if not hundreds of companies, universities and individual developers are exactly the same augmented reality system. Among them – well-funded start-up Magic Leap, which clearly very far ahead of Microsoft.

If you ask me, I will answer that HoloLens will be another Zune augmented reality – interesting, but a little late.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has revealed something really revolutionary.

Why was the real star of the submission Surface Hub

Why New Microsoft Surface Hub interesting than HoloLens

The real star of the conference was Microsoft Surface Hub – big computer to Windows 10 format 4K for organizations.

Surface Hub is available in two sizes: large (55 inches) and very large (84 inches).

Surface Hub can be controlled via the touch screen, voice, gestures in the air, pen and keyboard. He has an array of sensors, including two widescreen camera at 1080p, microphone, motion sensors and touch.

Its interface is extremely advanced. For example, multi-touch screen technology recognizes 100 touches simultaneously, and very accurate. Five people can work on one side, and several others that may draw some – other.

To get started, you just need to go. Surface Hub already knows that you are near. You can only choose one of three options work: call board or the connection.

Because it is Windows 10, there is a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, plus board and Skype for Business. (At least it’s a full-fledged PC, videoconferencing system, telephone, presentations, TV, and drawing board – almost everything you need for a meeting room, apart from a table and chairs, and even assistant. On Surface Hub, of course, works fine Cortana ).

At the time, Microsoft Surface tablet borrowed the name of the project Surface, which was a large TV. Then developers borrowed brand Surface application settings pen called Surface Hub.

Now the creators of the big TV in Microsoft took the name back – for a new computer system Surface Hub.

Surface Hub Group is engaged in Perceptive Pixel, which is already more than a year supplies giant touch screens for the army, the press and other organizations. Microsoft bought Perceptive Pixel in 2012. “Magic Wall” in CNN – are computers Perceptive Pixel. CEO and founder of this company was Jeff Khan, a visionary and a pioneer of large multi-touch computers. Today Khan – general manager of the equipment Perceptive Pixel.

Why New Microsoft Surface Hub interesting than HoloLens

And you know what? Sam Khan uses a large touchscreen computer at an angle, as the drawing board. He had not hanging on the wall and is attached to the vertical post.

This is the future of pain

Shih computers. Not a “desktop” and the computer instead of the table.

Now Microsoft is pushing Surface Hub only for organizations because consumers it is too expensive. But give it a year or two, prices will fall and consumers will buy them too.

I think they will replace the TV. Or, in other words, TVs get computer operating systems and multi-touch screens.

It should be noted that any resolution higher than 4K are justified only when the touch screen and other options for work at close range. At CES this year we’ve seen monitors the level of 8K, that the traditional watching TV too much. Sitting on the couch, almost impossible to see the difference between 4K and 8K. But when working in close proximity (as with Surface Hub) is superresolution pays off.

Form Factor PC touch with giant screen – a revolutionary new computing platform, which in the coming years will penetrate everywhere.

Yet Surface Hub is more suitable for work than for games. But he has one feature that is not available HoloLens: the finished product is offered for sale this year.

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