Review of the tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 L - Retina-like display and 8 cores!

Review of the tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 L – Retina-like display and 8 cores!

Review of the tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 L - Retina-like display and 8 cores!

The largest model in the portfolio of tablet PocketBook SURFpad fourth generation – 9.7-inch SURFpad 4 L c Retina-like display, 8-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 3G. Its body is made of glass and metal frontal decorated with two stereo speakers and the rear 8MP camera. But how interesting happened this combination and whether the device of the $ 340 that he asked for a manufacturer, I will discuss below.


The device comes in a large thin black box with a picture of SURFpad L 4 on the front side and a brief list of its specifications in five languages on the back.

Inside the package is the pen tablet, cable microUSB-USB, adapter charger clip to eject SIM-card plus user manual and warranty card.

Design – PocketBook SURFpad 4 L

The market launch of the fourth generation tablet line SURFpad, in PocketBook tried to kill two birds with one stone: pull “iron” to the level for geeks, well design and make “fresh touch.”

In this innovative element in the exterior SURFpad 4 L were two bright lemon inserts with special rubberized texture on the sides of the rear panel. Incidentally, they have not only an aesthetic function, but also practical – provide comfortable grip when holding the device in landscape orientation. And in the case of the test model is very relevant, as the body of the gadget is made of a metal alloy with a matte, but smooth and slippery to the touch, respectively anodized.

The material is not very easily soiled, and most importantly durable. And what can I say, the tablet in a metal look and feel in the hand is more expensive than any plastic. Since its rear panel smoothly into the curve of his side faces, SURFpad 4 L and furthermore seems almost monolithic. However, the disadvantages of the material, too, have – with careless handling painted metal will eventually wear out: the paint begins to climb round probably will scratch.

Returning to the design “innovation” can not help but note the original design of the power button and volume buttons. Painted in bright yellow color they are in the form of icons food, plus and minus, respectively. I can not say that they are easy to manage, but it certainly looks unusual – with such a decision I have never hitherto not had to face.

With a diagonal of 9.7 inch display, even though body thickness of only 8 mm, the possibility to embrace the tablet with one hand we are not talking. In general, and keep it in one long palm very uncomfortable – still 520 grams of weight.

Functional elements

Under the protective glass front panel of the gadget, the origin of which the manufacturer is silent, there is a 9.7-inch display, framed fairly thick black frame, eye 2 megapixel front-facing camera and two narrow cutouts for the speakers.

MicroUSB port and a microphone brought to the lower end, while the 3.5 mm audio jack and a slot for microSD-card located on the top.

Review of the tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 L - Retina-like display and 8 cores!

Right marginalia given under the tray for SIM-card, press the power button and volume buttons.

Rear panel SURFpad 4 L in addition to the aforementioned bright inserts remarkable barely noticeable logo of the manufacturer and eye 8MP main camera.

Display – PocketBook SURFpad 4 L

One of the main features PocketBook SURFpad 4 L – is a Retina-like IPS-display, as in the iPad Mini and iPad last generation, with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels. The density of dots per inch – 264. The image is clear, minimal pixelation.

Tablet screen bright and contrast – the image on it is well accepted even in sunny weather. However, due to lack of light sensor backlight level is governed exclusively by hand.

Wide viewing angles both vertically and horizontally, so comfortable to watch movies on your tablet even in the company of several people.

Capacitive sensor detects up to 5 simultaneous touches, its sensitivity is high. Despite the lack of oleophobic coating on fingers safety glass slide easily.


The amount of internal user memory Tablet – 16 GB. Of these, the user can use only about 10 GB.

You can expand the memory with microSD memory cards and USB-drive.

Features and performance

The tablet is based on an 8-core processor MediaTek MT8392 working with a clock frequency of 1.7 Hz. At its core microarchitecture used ARM Cortex-A7, which is produced in accordance with the 28-nm process. As the video card uses integrated graphics Mali450MP4. The amount of RAM is 2GB.

Review of the tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 L - Retina-like display and 8 cores!

SURFpad 4 L without slowdown play videos in Full HD-resolution playback all in the store Google Play games including Asphalt 8 and intensive Minion Rush, there were no problems and the simultaneous operation of multiple applications. In AnTuTu gadget knocked out more than 30 thousand parrots.

Wireless modules and interfaces

The model describes the complete set of wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, GPS, A-GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, the presence of 3G-module to surf the web, send SMS / MMS-messages, and support for wireless technology, multimedia data transmission Miracast.


The capacity of the internal battery of the tablet is 8000 mAh, but because of the performance of the “iron” and the screen with a higher resolution, it turned out not be so tenacious.

One full charge will last him for 9 hours of viewing Full HD-video, 5:00 game Asphalt 8, about 65 hours of listening to the audio, or about 15 hours of surfing the web via Wi-Fi. Supply of energy gadget significantly reduces the work in the browser via 3G.

Battery capacity

Provides energy-saving mode, sets a limit on the maximum CPU performance.


A pair of stereo speakers front plate sends sound directly to the user and, despite its small size, it is enough “vociferous” – for watching movies at home is enough.

At high volume with them sometimes erupt barely audible wheezing, but it is a problem with the file, as in testing alternately each such problems did not arise. Improve the acoustic features can be using the equalizer application “Music”.

I also note the presence of FM-radio works only when headphones are connected.


Tablet has received two cameras: 2 megapixel front and 8MP primary.

With the latter, for the first time pulling the tablet out of the box, do not forget to remove the protective film barely noticeable.

Rear photomodule supplemented autofocus system and a wide range of settings and shooting modes: yes HDR mode, Panorama, Continuous Shot, “Living Pictures” and “beautiful face”, the ability to adjust the white balance, ISO, exposure, choose a color effect to activate the function “face detection” and the instant the shutter (ZSD). And the only thing that lacks camera SURFpad 4 L, since this outbreak.

Review of the tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 L - Retina-like display and 8 cores!

In general, the quality of camera captured the main plate material can be described as above-average. In good light photos are moderately crisp and detailed. In turn, when shooting in cloudy weather they get is not quite natural, the frame seems lighter than expected. However, if you do not be lazy and use the manual settings, the result may turn out much better.

Competitors specifications have Pocketbook SURFpad 4 L, as it turned out very little and those in the majority of brands that are not at the hearing users.


Powered tablet operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat Service preset branded apps PocketBook. When you first turn the gadget offers an extensive list of tools that the user can optionally install additional memory SURFpad 4 L.

Noting also the option Clear Motion. It is activated in the settings menu and gives smooth image in a rapidly changing dynamic scenes.

Near touch navigation buttons, a new icon allows you to display the application in a separate window on the desktop.


PocketBook SURFpad 4 L – a great option for comfortable surfing the web, watching movies in high definition, reading books and games all available in Google Play Market Game.

Review of the tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 L - Retina-like display and 8 cores!

Yes, the tablet is not cheap – $ 340, but at the same time, virtually devoid of major flaws. Well, maybe too heavy for daily transportation, and does not have oleophobic screen coating. But here an excellent display, high-performance “metal”, a high-quality speakers, as well as stylish body made of metal and glass.

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