Quick review of accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Smartphone Galaxy Note 3 for some time sold on the Ukrainian market, and in addition to it, Samsung is planning to release a number of accessories. Go to our office hit some of them, let’s see how useful they can be for owners Galaxy Note 3.

Induction charging Wireless ChargingPad and rear cover for her

Despite the fact that bundled with the Galaxy Note 3 is wired charger, the company has provided support for wireless smartphone recharges using the standard Qi. On the Ukrainian market Samsung plans to model Wireless ChargingPad, that will be compatible not only with Note 3, but other smartphones with support for Qi.

In the case of the Galaxy Note 3, in order to recharge the device need to change the back cover on a similar, but with a special connector.

After this appearance are little changed. The fact that the rear cover for wireless charging standard is thicker, it also has a metal plate, and besides, the plastic is more dense.

As a result, the thickness increases Note 3.


High does not cause discomfort, smart still placed in the pocket, however, it is felt a little more.


Wireless charging itself has a nice look and feel comparable to a small size. Its body is made of plastic, much of which has soft-touch coating. Replacing the cover in the Galaxy Note smartphone is enough to put 3 on Wireless ChargingPad and it starts charging, no further action is required.


In this position, Note 3 fully restocked battery power of 4 hours, which is two times more than a conventional battery charger. This is one of the two challenges of using wireless charging. The second applies to all devices of this type lies in the fact that despite the name “wireless” charging station will still be connected to the outlet. This does not solve the problem of having the wire. Therefore, given the time required to fully charge the battery at the moment by the type of device Wireless ChargingPad can be classified as image-making. The practical benefits of wireless charging yet, but just put on her smartphone certainly nice in that there is a certain wow-effect.


+ Design

+ Design

+ Easy to install and use

Did not like:

Long-time charge

The back-cover for induction charging increases the thickness of the smartphone

Cover Wallet Flip Cover and S View Cover.

For Galaxy Note 3 Samsung released a whole line of covers-covers that protect the front and back of the smartphone. They were called Wallet Flip Cover and S View Cover.


Cover Wallet Flip Cover is made of synthetic leather and protects both the front and back of the Galaxy Note 3.


It is fitted in place of the back cover, so it becomes part of a smartphone.


In practice, cover well protects your smartphone from scratches and scuffs, and may even save the unit if dropped on a hard surface.


In imitation leather Wallet Flip Cover pleasant to the touch, while it can be made in different colors. Go to our office were cases of blue and orange. These options allow you to vary the bright appearance Galaxy Note 3, which is currently sold in Ukraine only in two colors: black and white. In general, Wallet Flip Cover – this is an interesting option for the protection of your smartphone, but other benefits, and it also has two disadvantages.


The first is that the cover significantly increases the thickness of Note 3, it is great to not to become, but in a pocket of jeans to wear it is not so comfortable. The second is the volume keys, cover completely covers them, but the point of contact with them, it is soft, and the buttons are still well-pressed, but finding them is hard to the touch.


This problem becomes particularly acute when trying to adjust the volume during a call, if you do not disclose the cover.

Case S View Cover repeats Wallet Flip Cover, with the only exception that on its front side is a special window. With it, lighting of the display Note 3, the cover gives the user access to certain features of a smartphone.


Among them: time, date, weather, start the camera button, fast notes Action Memo, as well as control playback of music.

This is a small screen allows you to receive incoming calls as well as read SMS messages and e-mails without opening the cover. This box is closed piece of transparent plastic, which protects the display, but it allows to work with the touch screen.


+ Stylish appearance

+ Materials

Did not like:

-Increase the thickness and size of the smartphone

Docking Station

For a more comfortable and practical placement Galaxy Note 3 on the desktop, Samsung makes a special docking station. It is made of white glossy plastic with soft-touch coating in those parts of the body, which is in contact with the smartphone.


Lid covering plug microUSB 3.0, folds, creating a stand Note 3.

Despite the size of a smartphone, it is firmly fixed in the docking station.


With the docking station Note 3 can not only recharge, but also displayed on the screen is a calendar, weather forecast, as well as application icons. However, in this mode, it employs only a few minutes, and then goes into sleep mode and display only the time and weather.


It is also convenient that the docking station has a 3.5 mm jack, which allows you to connect it to speakers and listen to music with Note 3 while it is charging.


+ Design

+ Design

+ 3.5 mm jack

Did not like:


Portable Charging

Compact, portable charger Note 3 is made in the same style as the smartphone itself. It’s made of plastic, which is stylized under the skin with characteristic lines at the edges of the case.


The device came out thin and light, so do not take up much space in your pocket, and even more so in the bag while traveling.


MicroUSB 2.0 connector hidden in the body and is charged on a floppy, but the short cord. The main body of the device can also be found the power button and indicator light work.

Capacity built into a portable charging of the battery is only 3100 mAh, exactly the same as in the Galaxy Note 3, which is barely enough to fully charge it once the battery. For trips this is not enough, but for everyday use easier to buy a set of extra batteries and charging for it.


+ Design

+ Size and weight

Did not like:

-Capacity of 3100 mAh

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