MacBook Air set a sales record

A trend that is all the hurt PC makers, has spread to Apple, the quarterly results of which can not be named the most outstanding.

However, despite the significant downturn, the head of the company refers to these satisfactory results. It is not surprising, for the past six months, Apple introduced only just updated versions of MacBook Air. The other computers get updated again in 2012. This may indicate that the second half of the year will be to test the strength of Apple.

According to Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, best manifested itself MacBook Air, which showed the best results in a long period of its existence. The growth of sales of “Air” laptop was the highest, and this is good news. Thank Apple for such a strong growth of its PC business to Intel , which has given Apple, virtually exclusive rights superenergoekonomnye processors. Apple designers and engineers also tried to do everything to the highest possible increase battery life by optimizing the interaction between iron and software components of the computer.

Ahead of us is waiting for you with an even more important update. This time Apple has to take care of generating the maximum possible increase in sales of their professional laptops. MacBook Pro , which should also get their hands on the new processor family, Haswell, renew likely fall. There remains the question will be whether the new “Proshka” is as popular as the MacBook Air. If at the time of announcement and the start of sales of MacBook Pro processor family, Haswell, and therefore an unprecedented battery life, widely spread to PC manufacturers, the jump in sales is hardly worth the wait.

To explain such a high demand for the MacBook Air can only be because it is the first computers with similar characteristics in the market. Hence attention to them by the buyers is still quite high. However, over the MacBook Pro, I have some doubts. Of course, Apple will do everything to make the most of the new series of their professional computers are the same parameters that were able to demonstrate the MacBook Air. However, the company will be able to attract enough attention to the new computer for a similar increase in demand – it is impossible to say for sure.

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