Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) review

Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) review

Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) review

To date, laptops transformers, perhaps one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas of mobile technologies. Of course, much more interesting to work with the machine, immediately transformed from a laptop to a tablet, and it does not matter that these transformers usually have mediocre stuffing. Although the latter argument is already possible to argue, moreover, that not far to seek – have a clear example in the form of Dell Inspiron 13 (7348). This gadget works with a powerful processor, the new generation of Broadwell Intel Core i5-5200U, therefore, provides good performance. If you compare it with the previously discussed more compact Dell Inspiron 11 (3147), the essential differences between them are increased to 13.3 inches display, the presence of the stylus and more significant dimensions.

Design – Dell Inspiron 13

The device is made in silver, which is diluted with black keyboard and display trim. Plastic body with a pleasant soft-touch coating comes with fingerprints – a successful combination of surface quality and light shade did the trick. On the cover, you can see the mirror company logo and other decorating elements are absent. The cover is held in position by a pair of hinges on the quality of which will be discussed later.

Bottom as its predecessor silver, it whole without any compartments and events. There is a set of fixing screws, two pairs of rubber feet. If We aim to upgrade your device, it is necessary to remove the entire cover entirely, but this has its advantages – in one fell swoop, you get access to the module Wi-Fi, memory slots, drive, built-in battery, as well as the cooling system.

Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) review

Well, but what about the transformation? By and large, the device does not offer anything new, the traditional position available: laptop, tablet, stand and tent. The same kinds of transformation are able to perform one more representative segment transformer – 13-inch Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13. Moreover, the mechanism is similar to the transformation – are responsible for it are two hinges are not very large, but reliable in operation. But a significant difference observed in the materials manufacturing: Yoga and cover, hinges and metal, in our review of the same character all this plastic. In fairness, we note that the plastic parts in the Inspiron 13 (7348) are reliable and credible. Hinges permit disclosed laptop 360 degrees while the cover is held firmly, providing sufficient rigidity for reciprocal abutment during use touchscreen.

Dimensions transformer average: 330h222h19 mm and weighs 1.67 kg. By the way, 13-inch sample droplets “not correct”, compared with 11-inch transformer Dell Inspiron 11 (3147), the thickness remained at the previous 19 mm, however, the weight increased by 270 g, but it is quite logical.

Display, sound, webcam

The laptop is equipped with 13.3-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a glossy finish. Touchscreen supports up to ten touches it highly, in the correct and convenient. Furthermore, there is used a matrix IPS, and its presence in the device substantially wins. Juicy, bright, saturated colors, correct color, high definition images, a good supply of brightness and contrast. Font does not look small, although the screen resolution to 13 inches big enough. In other words, the display in this great Transformers, moreover, that the manufacturer offers a software for optimization, for example, a utility True Color.

Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) review

Under the screen Dell Inspiron, 13 is a button Windows. It is useful when using the device as a tablet. Press the keys lightly, runs silently and correctly.

On the right and left edges of the body behind bars hid a pair of speakers. Reserve their volume could be higher, and the sound needs additional volume, bass presence, however. In general, however, the sound is good, many modern laptops and tablets have much fewer resources in this area. Perhaps somehow save the situation can be configured Waves MaxxAudio Pro.

Webcam is located in the usual place for all and works in tandem with bi-directional microphone. Next to the eye is a light sensor. HD-camera work is quite satisfactory if used exclusively for a video.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Island full-size keyboard mounted on a plastic substrate. It is equipped with a two-tier white backlight and drainage holes to drain spilled liquids. Large keys are made of plastic, while the dial keys are still on the block are clipped too. In general, it is quite a comfortable keyboard for any kind of use – typing, games and so on.

It should be noted that the physical keyboard is active exclusively in notebook mode. When the device turns into a stand or a tablet, it is automatically deactivated, leaving the user one-on-one with touch keypad.

Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) review

By the way, in contrast to the 11-inch Inspiron 11 (3147), overlooked the laptop is equipped with a stylus and more. A slot located on the right side. It is compact, has a convenient handle, flat shape, glossy coat does not stain the display. In this pen can draw, write and just flipping pages. To get an accessory from the slot, you simply click on it and it just spring back into your hands.

Also, there is also clickpad, its size 105h65 mm provide quite comfortable working with the device in notebook mode. As the name implies, it has no physical buttons. With respect to the working surface of the touch, area is only slightly recessed into the body. It is extremely sensitive and supports multitouch gestures, works correctly and quickly.


Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) comes with a preinstalled operating system Windows 8.1, other modifications in the sale is not provided. But on the part of the processor is much more varied – our equipment includes dual-core Intel Core i5-5200U new 14-nm generation Broadwell, but there are other versions with more and less powerful CPU Core i7-5500U and Core i3-4030U respectively. As for Intel Core i5-5200U, it works with a frequency of 2.2 GHz to 2.7 GHz and thanks to architectural improvements, has increased by 5% capacity, compared with the previous generation. So, for example, Core i5-5200U faster than Core i5-4200U, and can compete with Core i5-4300U. Thus, it lacks the power and the challenges of everyday nature, and more powerful applications, including modern games, graphics editors, various multimedia purpose.

Discrete graphics card is not only built HD Graphics 5500 with a frequency of 300-900 MHz and 24 executive units. It provides a good stable job, for example, in the processing of video games but “pulls” is not all. Rather, older go without problems, but today, though with difficulty, processed only on low settings. And the screen resolution will have to be reduced. For example, in The Crew (2014) shows about 21 fps at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and low settings. F1 (2014) native resolution and high settings, gaining 23 fps. In Alien: Isolation (2014) with medium settings and resolution 1366h758 also obtained about 23 fps. In general, the play is, of course, possible, but not all the games and not always with comfortable settings.

Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) review

In Transformers available 8 GB of RAM DDR3L-1600, and that the maximum amount, as provided for only one slot for memory stick. It should say that this is entirely missing out on those tasks that must handle this notebook.

HDD 500 GB with a speed of 5400 rpm works completely with 8 GB SSD as a cache. This though is not manna from heaven, but a positive effect on the speed of the laptop, in general. And in principle, on the performance of the disk subsystem not necessary. By the way, if you want something more substantial, can be purchased in Moscow modification purely SSD 256 GB maximum.

Ports and Communications – Dell Inspiron 13

And now proceed to consider interfaces. This should be interesting because the device is a tablet partly, and partly laptop. And the first thing that catches your eye, the physical power button located on the right side. Her company is the volume button as a rocker, available in any mode of using a transformer. There is also a mesh speaker, USB 2.0, SD card slot and a hole for the stylus, very well fit into the overall look.

Ports on the left more and more crowded they are located: a pair of USB 3.0 (one function PowerShare), the combined audio jack, HDMI, slot for charging speaker grille and hole for a Kensington lock.

On the front face is a miniature LED activity indicator, rear ventilation grille located. In general, all conveniently and in sufficient quantity, though the place would be enough and the RJ-45, for example.

Wireless communication is a combined module with support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac and built-in Bluetooth 4.0. Also provided are two sensors – orientation and illumination, which is characterized by the presence, in general, for the tablets. The first works very efficiently, providing reorientation of the image depending on the position of the display. The second is responsible for the automatic reduction / increase the screen brightness.


What is interesting is the presence in the Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) of the battery exactly as in the previous generation Inspiron 13 (7347) – 3-cell Lithium-ion capacity of 43 Wh. And that given that the resolution increased to Full HD and filling became more powerful. In general, the results of autonomy is not particularly impressive, despite the presence of an energy-efficient processor with a TDP of 15 watts. Thus, the video playback laptop hold slightly more than 2.5 hours, at maximum load, and luminance level of 75% – about 2 hours, the reading is possible within 5 hours.

Conclusion – Dell Inspiron 13

Dell Inspiron 13 (7348) – a great representative of the notebook-transformer, built on a new platform Intel Broadwell. It is not without its own drawbacks, which, however, is not so critical to being iconic for buying a laptop. What here to speak, stand-alone device is far from ideal. For all other items Inspiron 13 (7348), you should like it. It’s fast, stylish, reliable, very interesting in terms of transformation of the laptop into a tablet, is easy to use. Moreover, complete to the laptop manufacturer offers a stylus, which is much easier to work with than a finger or mouse / clickpad. It is necessary to master this transformation about $ 800, but there is cheaper equipment, and, therefore, weaker.

Source: Dell

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