[Leak] iPhone 5S will actually receive gold case


If you believe a great number of published Inside, the new generation iPhone and the budget version of the Apple smartphone will be officially presented this year. At the moment we know about these updates almost everything, and the only intrigue is only this: Will iPhone 5S several color options?


If you believe the next fotoutechke published in the Chinese social networks Weibo, information about the new iPhone will be available in golden color performance, yet true.


In the photos you can see the rear panel of three devices: iPhone budget , as well as the iPhone 5S in gray and brown. In this case, as in the familiar to us iPhone 5, the upper and lower part of the body of the novelty has remained white.


The author also publishes photos of the inside of the back of each device. But as these images were published more than once, of great interest to us, it is not. Weibo can hardly be regarded as a reliable provider of information, but when you consider that similar leaks have come from various sources, it makes sense to rely on the fact that our expectations will come true yet.

According to the materials GSMArena.com

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