What to do if Mac does not turn on

What to do if Mac does not turn on

Usually you press the power button, hear a melody and computer starts. But sometimes Mac does not want to turn on.

Today we look at the main reasons why your computer is not turned on and explain what to do if your Mac does not turn on.

So, if you Mac does not turn on, the reasons for it are two – you have a problem with display or a problem with the hardware. In both cases, it can be a miserable failure (which quickly resolved) or serious damage, because of which you will have to contact the service center.

If the problem is in the display you can check it simply.

Firstly, you should hear the sound of Mac startup, cooler operation, moreover, Caps Lock button should light up when you click on it. The computer is running, but you just do not see what is happening on the screen. If so, it is best to contact the experts, instead of makeshift attempts to correct the mistake yourself.

But sometimes it can be a problem with Mac “asleep”. I noticed that from time to time computer wakes up very hard and it needed some time to understand your intentions with respect to it. But we are talking about a few seconds, instead of the long period of time.

If you press Power button, but nothing happens, then the problem is with hardware. It is more problematic than the display, but there may be many causes which can be resolved without the intervention of engineers.

  • Check the power cord. Sometimes the cord is disconnected from the computer, so it is not included.
  • Broken outlet. Enough stupid situation, but possible – it seems that Mac is not charged, and the problem is not in it.
  • Double-check the work of the charger – the problem is probably in it.
  • The problem may be in a fully discharged battery – if it is completely discharged, it will take time to Mac a little charge before switching.
  • Turn off all power-consuming accessories – mobile devices, USB-printer, and the rest devices. Perhaps they consume a lot of power.
  • Try hard reset. Press and hold the Power button on Mac for 10 seconds and then reconnect the charger and try to run the device. Often it helps.
  • If you have “upgrade” your Mac with new hardware – the problem may be in improper installation. Double-check that all is in place and is properly connected.

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