Lumia 535 review - is not Nokia, is Microsoft

Lumia 535 review – is not Nokia, is Microsoft

Lumia 535 review - is not Nokia, is Microsoft

Everyone starts review of this Windows Phone device with the words «Nokia fell, long live the Microsoft», and all that sort of thing: “Who would have known that would happen,” “This is the first nedonokiya branded melkomyagkih”, “Let’s see what has changed” . I warn you in advance – nothing has changed, except the icon of the brand on the front and rear. And now driven.

Video about this smartphone will not. If you thought “is not the same Raqwe-oh-oh-oh-ort! Text review! Where is the video? “, Keep yourself in the hands. We reserve forces before more text-vidyashnym Looking MWC 2015, and everything you need to know about the Lumia 535, you will learn from the review. And I want to start with a complete set. Firstly, it is poor. In the box there is no headphone jack and a strange charge, both from zero – no adapter and USB-microUSB cable, and solid shnurochek. And practical, and not, I do not determine. In a box with bright patterns, like me – the color orange, or the color of fresh spring grass, or the blue (in the common orange, green and blue) put the lid black. Once a reservation – both plastic cover, but one – glossy, shiny, very good collects absolutely fine dust all around (if you leave the phone on the table and do not wipe it off, after a while it becomes a shaggy and fluffy gadget) and Complete – matte, softtach plastic, dust collects not so good, but still.

Design – Lumia 535

On the one hand, when Microsoft bought Nokia, all experienced, so that she did not come with his samovar and it’s not spoiled. On the other hand, waiting for the first smartphone from the company updated, hoping to see the best of what it can do. Get a kind of credibility. And when they say – the first budget phone melkomyagkie released immediately think: “Well, this is the best of all state employees that Nokia has ever produced, because the first attempt should not be lumpy.” Microsoft decided not to do anything at all – nothing new, nothing extraordinary – and just released a model, whatever it was published under the Finnish brand. That’s all. I was surprised straight – this is really unexpected!

5-inch glossy plastic – behind only the glass – front. Externally, it is not much different from its predecessor Lumia 530, only that the screen size is less than an inch in the front can not be distinguished. Oh no! According to the rating plate in fact, by line! Well, you get the idea. Next to «Microsoft» located on the front-facing camera 5 MP, proximity sensors and lighting hidden above them – the earpiece, which, as for me, would be nice to add a little volume. Under the screen – chin wide phalanx, which is absolutely not necessary, because the virtual control buttons, called swipe from the bottom edge in any menu and placed on top of everything.

Lumia 535 review - is not Nokia, is Microsoft

At the ends of the devices are located: on the top – audiodzhek 3.5 mm on the bottom right in the middle – the connector microUSB, on the right side – the power button and the volume key on it (for the short and clear) on the left side of the void.

Rear camera lens are located at 5 MP (slightly enters), near – the flash, the brand along the “spine” and short speaker, who is also on the volume is far from ideal. The cap is removed, the device goes into it, as in the boat, and without it you will not have control buttons on and volume. Under the backdrop are slots for two microSIM-cards, microSD and a removable battery capacity of 1905 mAh. There are models with two SIM cards, is – one, in different price hryvnia 100-200.

With dimensions of 140 x 72 x 8.8 mm and weighs 146 grams handle easily. In his hand is confident skolzkovat plastic, but not enough to sound the alarm, not pocket pulls in uzkachi fit, if necessary. I did not like assembly – orange cap goes to shake, rattle all. And as you put on the black cover – all ok, no squeaks. Wonders.


5 inch IPS-matrix, covered with Gorilla Glass 3. The very first feeling – finger glides easily on the back cover than on the screen, oleophobic coating is not. At such low resolution inches – 960 by 540 pixels, it is 220 ppi. Not much, but enough pikselezatsiya there, but there is no feeling that the picture is divided. Black black enough, viewing angles are not the maximum, the normal budgetary display, nothing special, most importantly, that the right angle it looks passable. Brightness will regulate only in three variations: low, medium and high. WP developers think that this is enough, and the freedom of choice – it’s all bad. However, the text remains readable in the sun. Natural color reproduction, may not be sufficiently intense. Customize the display of additional system impossible. Awakening double tapa is present. The color of the substrate under the virtual keys can be changed.


Not the strength of the unit. Unlike the Lumia 530, 535 became the owner as much as the front camera of 5 MP. Special quality, it is no different, and special features of any no. There is a mode Nokia Selfie, but there’s also no frills – focuses on your face and takes a picture, so you can shoot both the anterior and in the posterior chamber, add effect clean skin and white teeth. It is a wide-angle, you can fit the whole situation with a single shot. Or all your friends.

Lumia 535 review - is not Nokia, is Microsoft

The main camera also received a 5 MP, autofocus, flash. The resulting image is not enough rich, quality in general is not a fountain, but can be used. Applications such as in the other VF-smartphones. Sliders ISO, shutter speed, white balance and focus can also be traction. Exposure changes tapom

Hopes for the video is not worth it – its maximum resolution is 480 x 848 pixels.

Features & Software

Powered Lumia 535 running Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor with 1.2 GHz each, RAM 1 GB or video accelerator Adreno 302. The functional raises no objections, if you know what I mean. RAM twice than Lumia 530, 630, 635, and it is cool. Well this vindousfon baby, he even running bucket will work well. And the interface is flying, and toys, and speed to run applications – all good. User memory devices have 8 GB free out of the box about 4 GB. The smartphone supports cards up to 128 GB, and still gives OneDrive Free 15 GB. In short, the memory will not exactly deprived. Applications and absolutely all the content can be placed by default on the memory card.

Lumia 535 review - is not Nokia, is Microsoft

Operating system – Windows Phone 8.1 with a superstructure Lumia Denim. Like everything in it already, and nothing but every time I come across on the menu item “Send your review,” I’m uncomfortable.

Read more about the system, its advantages and disadvantages can be found in numerous texts Sergei Shamanov. I will say that this version has a number of advantages, namely:

  • desktop icons can unites in a folder;
  • for each SIM cards, you can create a “live”;
  • messages and calls are divided for each card separately;
  • virtual control buttons available everywhere on swipe and hiding superfluous, freeing up space on the screen;
  • is present a number of useful applications, such as Microsoft Office, MixRadio, HERE Maps, Facebook preinstalled out of the box.

The smartphone is a radio, but the second SIM card remains active even when you call the first blagodaryatehnologii X-divert. And it is very cool because most podovlyuschee dvuhsimochny machine sends you besedovyt with automatic aunt when calling the second sim, if the first is busy.


Lumia 535 review - is not Nokia, is Microsoft

1905 mAh battery for capable, according to the manufacturer, to give the user the joy of continuous communication for 11 hours or 14 days to lie on the shelf in the standby mode. Neither the first nor the second I try failed, but just the fact that as a smartphone with two sim-cards (one – for communication, the second – to the Internet), toys and social networks Lumia 535 does not hold full-time. I love to play Asphalt 8 on the network – discharged within hours 4. If you use it only for communication – calls and SMS, it all depends on your sociability. In principle, 20 minutes plus 10 interviews messages plus synchronization of mail – about two days. If you use instant messenger, while the decline.

Output – Lumia 535

There is a tendency, when in six months strongly jumped prices for equipment and all the while the market is unstable, people pay attention to the price tag, and system – virtually none. You can argue long on the topic “Windows Phone – good or bad?”, Love or hate – it is better reasons, but we can not say that the system is defective. Yes, the first evening with WP, I was confused and unaccustomed Shamanov called him to tell that here and where, but for a day or three moves in and continue skating Asphalt 8 as if nothing had happened. Especially (and this is an advantage vindous android smartphones before) even a budget model will pull all the heavy game. Tanks in the shop No, but enough.

As in touch dialer in Lumia 535 has a chance, especially two SIM cards, and the second is accessible even when the first call, and convenient distribution of calls and messages, and easily switch between cards – one slider. But it is not expensive it? In all other respects it is the most common representative of the budget line, and on the change of name plate panels for absolutely nothing has changed. A pity. Read an interesting idea that you can buy the Lumia 535 only by accident or out of curiosity – “What has changed with the arrival of the giant four-color?”. And if the answer to the second question you already know that … Not that I want to put the final nail in the coffin, but the Lumia 530, which is still Nokia, still rules as state employees-dialer, just 4 inches in Ukraine, you can buy for $ 80, and in Europe – for all 30-40, if you search. Do not thank. If you are looking for a budget alternative exclusively on Android, you can find and cheaper with a similar screen, but clearly decelerating. By itself, the device is good both in the amount of $ 120.

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