Avegant Glyph - new glasses of a new generation

Avegant Glyph – new glasses of a new generation

Avegant Glyph - new glasses of a new generation

Some devices overcome quite a long way to go before are on the market. So we can assume the video helmet Avegant Glyph. He first appeared on the platform Kickstarter in January last year, gaining $ 1.5 million.

Then we saw several primitive prototype of this device. Only now, we have the opportunity to test them on the latest version of this gadget, which should be on sale by the end of this year. Avegant Glyph adjustment this year (unlike fixed-size model we saw at CES).

Dimensions nasal cavities will be changed so that they can fit the size of the majority of users. Lenses something will be covered, so as not to damage your hair if you decide to use video glasses as a headphone jack (which is quite possible).

What is the scope Avegant Glyph? The device goes beyond the dividing devices for different groups and categories. There are other smart glasses / hats, for example, Fat Shark and Zeiss Cinemizer.

There is a large number of gadgets with the option of augmented reality. Glyph is somewhere in the middle. You can connect it to the HDMI video source and enjoy watching movies. The device can provide a viewing angle of 360 degrees to view the photos, the photosphere and of course video.

Avegant Glyph - new glasses of a new generation

Instead of a small LCD / OLED display here are used projection technology. This means that the image is translated into your eyes and effectively removes pixels. As a result, you get amazingly clear image.

The field of view is only 45 degrees, although it is enough movies. If you want to see something more exciting, you should wait a little longer: the company is working to improve the device.

Perhaps the main problem Glyph could be his strange shape. The device is more like headphones worn on the eye than glasses. Causes great discomfort nasal cavities, which are still hampered fully enjoy the process.

The cost is $ 600 gadget.

Source: Engadget

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