First look at the Lenovo P90: a potential survivor on the Intel Atom Z3560

First look at the Lenovo P90: a potential survivor on the Intel Atom Z3560

First look at the Lenovo P90: a potential survivor on the Intel Atom Z3560

Lenovo P780 was the producer for a truly iconic models. Last year, the company tried to repeat its success with the help of two models – Lenovo S660 and S860. To some extent, it is even possible because they at least kept the key features of the parent – the high capacity battery and metal case. In 2015, they are replaced by P70 and P90 – more interesting from the point of view of the hardware platform smartphones, which have preserved the old battery capacity but dressed in simple plastic cases. With the first of them we have already seen, it was the turn of the second.

Compared with Lenovo P70 novelty has the different design. The principal differences – is a fully molded housing and other plastic. Their appearance and tactile sensations he reminds plates TAB 2 A7-30, A7-10, and S8-50.

Color of plastic can be described as dark gray, it is a bit rough and nice in the hand. Overall P90 looks even easier P70, but there is clearly more pleasant hand. However, to do something better and nothing to spoil it turns out not all manufacturers and Lenovo at this time, it is also not possible. Volume rocker and power button moved to the left side, which is rather an unusual layout.

Dimensions conventional model. There is quite a widescreen frame though managed to keep the weight at 156 grams – this is a good result for a smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches and the battery 4000 mAh.

Share something special about the design of the model hard – looks as neutral as possible, except that you can mention only MicroSIM tray on the right side wall. As for the rest, we have a typical smartphone Lenovo with the standard layout of controls. The company remains true to herself in design – slightly reduced compared to last year’s models, the manufacturer’s logo was on the front panel, the cover has the same, but a relief.

Three touch-sensitive control buttons (“Menu”, “Home” and “Back”) continues to flaunt a screen to access the list of applications you need to hold the “Menu”. Frankly, I’m looking forward to the moment when the company would dare to abandon this mode of operation and the touch buttons provide a normal key for quick access to the list of recent applications that are running, or at least the appropriate radio button in the settings.

Display – Lenovo P90

In the screen, Lenovo P90 also have small changes. Following the growth of up to 5.5 inches diagonally grown and resolution, which now amounts to 1920 by 1080 pixels.

It’s time to note that we’ve got a very raw, semi-workers literally sample P90, so we are familiar with it in the format of a glance. If we talk about levels of brightness, they ranged from 14 to 291 cd / m², and in the mode of high-brightness backlight level rises to 361 cd / m². These results can be described as modest, usually screens in smartphones Lenovo have better brightness, so let’s hope that it’s just a feature of the sample.

On personal feelings, use the display is quite good. He has wide viewing angles, normal oleophobic coatings, and nice color reproduction, although the calibration was less than ideal.

Hardware Platform

First look at the Lenovo P90: a potential survivor on the Intel Atom Z3560

The basis of the smartphone supports Intel Atom Z3560. This is one of the latest mobile SoC company, which received the support of 64-bit computing, improved process technology and 22nm graphics subsystem PowerVR G6430. The processor includes four cores that can operate at a frequency of 1.83 GHz. GPU has elevated to 533 MHz frequency (compared to the baseline of 457 MHz).

If we start from the respective characteristics, we have before us is quite an efficient solution, which will provide a good gaming performance at Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, not to mention the usual tasks. Since we got a very early prototype, it makes sense to restrict the results of several benchmarks, the more that the real work of the smartphone in its current state is nothing good to say.

Amount of RAM is 2GB, 32GB built-in storage on, but the memory card slot is not – to these characteristics of the model is similar to Lenovo Vibe X2.

The operating system currently supports Android 4.4.4 KitKat and most likely it is a smartphone goes on sale, and you need to upgrade to Lollipop reap later.

Unfortunately, about the time of the model while it is impossible to tell – here stands for the standard battery 4000 mAh. In standby mode smartphone shows good results – does not drain just like that, but the stability of the system is not allowed to conduct tests of autonomy.


First look at the Lenovo P90: a potential survivor on the Intel Atom Z3560

Lenovo P90 got two cameras: the main 13 megapixel with optical stabilization, dual flash diodes with different color temperature and 5 megapixel front. In the test the camera application showed the worst stability robots, so we were limited to a few examples of test shots:

Preliminary results – Lenovo P90

Lenovo P90 can be called an extension of the line producer. Well, that design models take some time and let the smartphone was simple but pleasant to handle the case. Using the Intel chipset can be called pre-good solution – it should provide good performance with moderate energy consumption. In addition, the model has some good screen and the camera. At the same time, it is now clear that the model has shortcomings. Smartphone users with capacious batteries usually are not looking for just a model with a big battery, but also to support the work of two SIM-cards and a slot for memory cards, and anything that P90 can not offer. Price smartphone is obviously higher than that of Lenovo P70 and the main question – how much, because this parameter can be a key to even minimal success model.

Source: GSMarena

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