Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

Laptop Lenovo G50 review – if you do not want to pay more

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

The company Lenovo – one of the leaders in notebook Lenovo G50 review shipments worldwide. This is what the manufacturer manages to intelligently combine good quality and reasonable price of our products.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review – this is the case. It is marketed as a laptop, suitable for everyday home and office tasks. In this case, it is ideal for high-quality entertainment while away, because watching movies, listening to audio files, some games – for him it was not a problem.

Design – Lenovo G50 review

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

There is nothing wrong in the fact that as a material for plastic laptop Lenovo G50 review stands. In fact, he is quite attractive, and looks very expensive. Moreover, surface imitates metal, why it seems very reliable. The surface of the entire gadget – matt, only the frame around the display is made in gloss. On the cover there are no additional elements, only the upper left corner – corporate logo Lenovo. The outer surface is enough mark but fingerprints and dust wiped off just one movement.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

Bottom, like the whole body is also made of plastic. On the perimeter, it is decorated with four legs to protect the laptop from slipping on the surface. As for the upgrade, it is quite real: for unscrewing the cap on the bottom, you can replace the hard drive, fan brush, and through the second compartment can reach the battery.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

The top of the display you can see the front web camera, and below – another logo. By the bottom of the notebook screen is attached by two hinges, strong enough for the type and the extent malleable. In fact, they have also shown themselves on the positive side, the loop is not loose, do not creak and do not emit any sounds alarming. Several worse is the quality of the housing. The keyboard is pressed when her influence, the same can be said about the display: if the pressure on the cover, the back reaction on the screen will not take long. With respect to dimensions of the device, they are as follows: 376h249h26 mm, weight, when it is 2.2 kg. As we can see, Lenovo G50 thin and light enough that you can take it with you to work or to study.

Display, sound and webcam – Lenovo G50 review

Unfortunately, because of its low cost, users will have to settle for Lenovo G50 review feeble display. In particular, we have a 15.6-inch panel with HD-resolution. Matrix TN unable to offer good viewing angles, and therefore any change in the angle leads to a distortion of the image. The screen brightness is poor, you cannot call it bad, but also to a high level, it is clearly not up. But frankly disappointing contrast, because it is very low, and in this respect, the display loses much competition. Easy to guess that because of the glossy screen aloud glare on the street, but at low brightness and contrast of the image is not too clear and distinct as on cloudy and sunny days.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

Another important caveat – the glossy bezel. Poor quality of the screen means that the user will often tilt it in different directions, selecting the optimum viewing angle. This contributes to a very rapid accumulation of dust and fingerprints around the display that looks very unsightly. Of course, the problem will solve ordinary dry cloth, but in fact it may not be on hand at the wrong time!

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

Above the display is a front webcam, whose resolution is 0.3 megapixels. It is ideal for video calls and is not well suited for taking pictures. However, the latter function and is not the main camera for any laptop.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

Loudspeakers are arranged at the bottom, closer to the front edge of the laptop Lenovo G50 review. For sound quality meets technology Dolby Advanced Audio, which has proved itself very well. Despite the fact that the speakers are in the unfortunate place for them, the sound output is not muted, it is clear, without any admixture of wheezing, even at maximum volume. If you like privacy or want to still improve the sound quality, you can use the headset as headphones.

Keyboard and Touchpad – Lenovo G50 review

What’s that, a proprietary keyboard of Lenovo – it’s one of the strengths of its laptops. In Lenovo G50 review is an island type, full-size, standard layout. By itself, the keyboard unit is recessed inside. The keys have a traditional shape for AccuType: in the lower part they are slightly rounded. Marking white keys, function keys and further more marked red.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

Also there is an additional unit – touchpad which is not separated from the keyboard and merges with it. A switch block is too small; however, most modern devices also have this disadvantage. As for any features keyboard, then they do not exist. Everything is as usual: Single row [Enter], oblong left [Shift] and slightly shorter right. Above the keyboard, in the top left corner, there is a button on the device. It has a round shape and is easy even groped in the dark.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

I should add that the short key travel, and pressing on them occurs almost silently. Perhaps the only minus the keyboard is that it sags in the middle, it is particularly felt in intensive typing.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

The touch pad is not located at the center and shifted in the left direction. Its surface is rough, and the boundaries are well detectable. Touch-sensitive pointing device supports multi-touch gestures. Also, the touchpad is endowed with thin enough physical buttons. They work out loud, but in general – are comfortable and uniquely useful in their work.

Productivity – Lenovo G50 review

Laptop Lenovo G50-70 (59415868) comes with the operating system DOS. As the processor here – dual core Intel Celeron 2957U architecture Haswell. Clocked at 1.4 GHz, it is also the maximum. The CPU is made on 22nm process technology, and its power consumption is only 15 watts. Collectively characteristics allow the processor to cope with everyday tasks, including simple office applications.

In the role of the graphic chip supports Intel HD Graphics (Haswell), the operating frequency of which varies from 200 to 1000 MHz. Video card is made on 22 nm process and supports DirectX 11.1, Shader 5.0. It is difficult to estimate the potential game-board graphics adapter on modern games such as, for example, Batman: Arkham Origins, Battlefield 4, where the native resolution of the display at medium settings the frame rate is only 10-15 fps. It would be better to run StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm at medium or FIFA 14 on high, these toys will go to c frequency of 30 fps.

In Lenovo G50 review has 2 GB of RAM standard DDR3-1600 MHz, which, in general, sufficient for its form factor. For storage there is a hard drive capacity of 500 GB with a spindle speed of 5400 rpm.

Ports and Communications – Lenovo G50 review

In general, the ports have no complaints, but the problem is common to most budget notebooks, is not spared and Lenovo G50 review: only one port USB 3.0. So, the right side is USB 2.0, card reader 2-in-1 (SD / MMC), optical drive DVD RW, combo audio jack for headphones and microphone, a slot for a Kensington lock.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

The left side is located the second slot USB 2.0, USB 3.0, VGA video output and HDMI, Ethernet port RJ-45 jack for charging and vent.

Laptop Lenovo G50 review - if you do not want to pay more

The rear facet is empty, and on the front you can see a few indicators. As for wireless communications, they are available in the form of Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery and Heating – Lenovo G50 review

The battery Lenovo G50 review is simple enough to get, because at the bottom of it has a special compartment. The laptop is a 4-segment Li-Ion battery 2200 mAh (31.7 Wh). In the read mode with the minimum brightness level laptop can operate for about 10 hours while surfing the web – no more than 6 hours, whereas in the movies the battery charge is approximately 4 hours. Maximum load “lull” gadget for about a half hour. Well, good performance for a laptop of this level.

At minimum load device a little heated, but it does not affect the operability. But if you download the more powerful of the problem, and the temperature will rise, and then the laptop may seem hot, however, it quickly cools.

Conclusion – Lenovo G50 review

Summing up, we can say that the laptop Lenovo G50 review – a good example of the budget segment. Yes, he is endowed with powerful hardware components, equipped with the weak display and outdated set of interfaces, and is made of ordinary plastic. However, this laptop will find a buyer, because most users extra pathos absolutely nowhere. It is the choice of those who want a gadget for undemanding work in the office or for home use. In addition, the average cost of a laptop, which we have chosen for the complete set is about $ 250, well-motivated and has to purchase.

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