Bracelet will help to detect the presence of cancer in the early stages

Bracelet will help to detect the presence of cancer in the early stages

Bracelet will help to detect the presence of cancer in the early stages

Scientists around the world are struggling with the problems of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer .. One of the projects secret lab GoogleX Life Science Departamen, which is located in the town of Mountain View, California, is the search for methods of early diagnosis of cancer.

How do I find journalists Portal The Atlantic, one of the objectives is to develop professionals a unique bracelet. Bracelet will detect the presence of cancer in the early stages, when the tumor cells were still in the body and do not have time to seriously affect its vital functions.

The laboratory has more than three years within its walls mysteries of nature “solves” more than 100 famous scientists and doctors. Laboratory Corporation recently “opened the flap” one of his research projects.

The mechanism of action of this device is based on the phenomenon of fluorescence (luminescence). The patient takes a special tool, which contains particles capable glows under certain conditions. These particles are attached to the surface of tumor cells and together with them into the bloodstream. Bracelet a “receiver” which detects the pulses coming from the nanoparticles. Thus, it becomes clear: there is in the body of cancer cells (the momentum going) or absent (no pulse).

Completely new in the field of tumor markers is the fact that the study itself is done without the traditional blood test: a smart bracelet reads the unique information through the skin. In the laboratory for testing GoogleX developed a model of the largest human organ – the skin. Much of the initial tests performed on this device. But the characteristics of the skin in humans are different, in addition to research on artificial skin in the project involved 175 volunteers.

Parameters indicators of people’s skin give an idea about the individual characteristics of the body for each volunteer. Indicators are analyzed and taken into account by developers bracelet. Editor in chief of The Atlantic took the opportunity and went survey of skin in this laboratory, as the conclusion, he was advised to walk more on the street and sunbathing.

How soon we will see the wonderful bracelet in real life, yet no one can say, but GoogleX laboratory is working on many other projects. Perhaps as soon as we learn about new discoveries and development team of talented scientists.

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