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It’s no secret that today ultrabooks are on the peak of popularity, so literally every computer manufacturer there are such devices. All this, of course, well, that’s just some of the laptops can be called ultrabooks with stretch. For example, in the second half of 2012, Lenovo introduced one of the new products, which she called ultrabook. IdeaPad U510 U310 is the older brother and we found him quite interesting device, even though it is quite heavy. However, this is compensated for by other manufacturers of advantages, such as a powerful modern stuffing, functionality, availability of an optical drive, comfortable island keyboard and a body made of metal.


Despite the fact that the IdeaPad U510 ultrabook called it, judging by the weight is 2.2 kg, is more like that on a regular laptop. And when you consider the thickness of the body 21 mm, the same all the way around, we can say that Lenovo barely invested in standards applicable to Ultrabooks (22 mm). The width and depth of the device are 381 and 249 mm respectively.

It’s nice that the IdeaPad U510 has both “office” and a stylish design. The body combines two classic colors: black and gray. They complement each other, so the ultrabook looks quite pretty and at the same time strictly. The laptop has a rectangular shape with rounded corners, despite its size, it looks quite compact. The surface is matt, slightly rough, it is not only pleasant to the touch, but also practical, since it has almost no traces remain. Amusing is the fact that aluminum is used in the design (cover and palm rest area) and plastic, although the design creates a false impression that the only metal used. By the way, regarding this ultrabook can not help notice some similarity with the “apple” devices.

lenovo-ideapad-u510-functionality-affordable-prices-raqwe.com-02The bottom of the ultrabook whole, therefore, reach the internal components will not work without effort. At the bottom you can see a few air vents and rubberized feet. Their height is small, however, when the Lenovo IdeaPad U510 will be on the table, air circulation nothing is amiss.

At the same time, we can say that the developers have all failed. So, some body parts are not too tight fitting, therefore, a small gap is noticeable. The keyboard has a little flex, and in terms of practicality ultrabook is not perfect. For example, the frame around the screen is glossy, so collects a large amount of fingerprints.

Display, audio, webcam

The screen has a resolution of 1366×768 ultrabook points and diagonal size of 15.6 inches. Visibility of the display is too small. If you deviate from the screen there are changes in color and decrease the brightness level, which do not exceed 200 nits. In general, neither the horizontal viewing angles, no vertical, absolutely not surprised. When working with texts, maybe it will not irritate the user, but when watching video, especially in the company, will have an effect. But the advantages can truly be considered a high-contrast display and good color reproduction. In general we can assume that this screen is suitable for all work and play.


Two stereo speakers have a power to 2 watts each. Through them comes out clean sound that lacks bass. Otherwise, the sound crisp, loud enough even for a noisy room. However, when on the street is not enough volume, so you’ll need to connect your headphones. Despite the support for Dolby Home Theater v4 speakers did not reach the level of media, but in general, it can be considered decent.

In the frame of the screen is 1 megapixel webcam. For contact in Skype it would fit perfectly, but not much for the photo. Pictures taken with this camera will be bright, but at the same time a little grainy. 


Keyboard and Touchpad

In the island keyboard called «AccuType» provides everything you need for easy printing. In particular, the optimal distance between the buttons, in addition to the main unit has a numpad keys.


By labeling also not satisfactory, it is applied very clearly two different colors: the function keys are highlighted in orange, and the rest – white. All the keys are short, but clear progress. In the paper they are pressed gently without irritating to you and others. It would be ideal presence of the button illumination, but it is in the Lenovo IdeaPad U510, unfortunately, is not available. 


The touch pad is directly under the mouse [Space] slightly offset to the left of center. He’s big, is characterized by a smooth matt surface that is sensitive to pressure. With the touch pad can be rotated and increase the size of the images, and when viewing the document or Web site pages – use the vertical and horizontal scrolling with two fingers. Area of ​​the touchpad does not prevent navigation. 


Individual buttons below the touchpad is not, bottom left and right of the touchpad, separated by a thin strip of labeling, fully replace the mouse button. Like the buttons on the keypad, they are pressed softly and without noticeable effort.


Ultrabook Lenovo IdeaPad U510 (59-354063) running on Windows 8 with the established dual-core processor Intel Core i5-3317U. It is worth mentioning that this chip is built on norms of 22-nanometer process technology, with a base frequency of 1.7 GHz and 3 MB cache. In the Turbo Boost can increase its frequency to 2.6 GHz, which will inevitably lead to an increase in productivity.

The processor is complemented by integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000, which will cope with simple tasks. In addition to the integrated, and there is also an entry-level discrete graphics – NVIDIA GeForce GT 625M. The volume of its own video memory is 1 GB standard DDR3. Both cards support DirectX 11 and no problem decoding the video. However, in the digital games accelerator behave a little better and will give the opportunity to play on medium settings in most undemanding toys. But, by and large, this ultrabook is not provided for complex graphics tasks. 


As for RAM, in this gadget, its volume is 4 GB standard DDR3-1600 MHz. Neither more nor less, given the intensive modern applications and tasks.

Of course, now equipped with a hard drive volume literally every laptop. True, Lenovo IdeaPad U510 managed to surprise a hard drive capacity of 1 TB. Of course, it is not too fast, with 5400 rpm, but very roomy. In addition to that provided 24 GB SSD-cache, so that loading or recovery from sleep mode will be faster. For comparison: U310 is equipped only with a 500 GB HDD that has a rotational speed of 7200 rpm.

Ports and Communications

All ports and connectors are ultrabook at the sides. The right you can see two USB 2.0, card reader 2-in-1 (SD / MMC), power socket. But the presence of U510 in the built-in optical DVD-drive is pretty amazing and at the same time pleasantly, despite the gradual transition to a flash drive. 


Left more interfaces. Among them Seen another USB 3.0, video output HDMI, mini-VGA connector and a network RJ-45. In addition, at the beginning of the end face is a combined audio jack, and in the end – the button Novo, activating the program OneKey Rescue System. As a result, you can create a backup and then restore the pre-installed operating system. In addition to the ports on the left side, there is also present a miniature microphone and vent.


At the front end there are only two LEDs: on and the battery status. It is a pity that there is no indication of the hard drive.


lenovo-ideapad-u510-functionality-affordable-prices-raqwe.com-12The rear panel is empty.


As for the wireless communication, the Lenovo IdeaPad U510 module provides Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, and Bluetooth 4.0.


For the battery life of this Ultrabook uses 6-cell lithium-polymer battery. It is not removable, the battery capacity is 4060 mAh (45 Wh). Battery life while listening to music is about four hours, with the proviso that the brightness will be reduced by 40%, and will remain activated wireless modules. On the other hand, if the maximum load ultrabook, charge the battery enough for no more than 1 hour 10 minutes. Most of the device will work in idle mode – about 8 hours.


Say what you like, and the Lenovo IdeaPad U510 has turned modern ultrabook, which easily replace the old laptop or computer. Despite the weight, it can often be used on business trips and other trips, especially since the body of metal and durable plastic stand crossings. However, it is important not to forget about the low autonomy of the ultrabook.

I must say that with complex visual computing gadget is unlikely to master, as opposed to doing office and other simple tasks. For this purpose, the filling is provided a third generation processor and a discrete graph. If you need to store a lot of information available is useful capacious hard drive. Furthermore, you can not nostalgic about the optical drive, this ultrabook it is. In the list of advantages and hit the keyboard with a touchpad, because they are perfect for typing.

Unfortunately, not too good impression remains of the Ultrabook build quality in general, and the display, which lacks the wide viewing angles and brightness. But, despite this, Lenovo IdeaPad U510 will be able to find a buyer among fans thin 15.6-inch devices.

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