Hard reset Lenovo A6010: complete cleaning of smartphone

Hard reset Lenovo A6010: complete cleaning of smartphone

In this article we talk about hard reset Lenovo A6010.

The smartphone Lenovo A6010 is available in different models such as Lenovo A6010 Pro, Lenovo A6010 Music Black, Lenovo A6010 Plus and so on. But they have one thing in common – a way to perform hard reset.

Hard reset Lenovo A6010 allows to return smartphone to factory settings. It means that device will be as new as just released from the factory. As you know, the smartphone from the factory is totally clean without apps, settings, photos, contacts, etc. The same way smartphone after Hard reset Lenovo A6010 is completely clean. Thus, if your smartphone is stored important files, make sure to keep them on microSD memory card, computer or make back up.

Now we can proceed to the steps to perform Hard reset Lenovo A6010.

Hard reset Lenovo A6010

  1. The smartphone must be turned off.
  2. Then find and press Volume UP + Power keys on the right side. Hold them down about 5-7 seconds, until you will see Lenovo logo on the screen.
  3. After that you should release Power key.
  4. Select menu item “recovery” by pressing a finger on the screen. Here touch screen works.
  5. Then you will enter recovery mode. Touch control does not work. So, you should use volume and power keys.
  6. For hard reset Lenovo A6010 is responsible option “Wipe data/factory reset”.Hard reset Lenovo A6010: complete cleaning of smartphone
  7. You should confirm that you agree to erase all user data. If you forgot to make a backup, select “No” and be sure to save important data. After that you can return to recovery mode and select “Yes – delete all user data”.Hard reset Lenovo A6010: complete cleaning of smartphone
  8. Hard reset Lenovo A6010 has started. You need to wait for its completion.
  9. After process will be completed, you need to exit the recovery mode. The first option “Reboot system now” will help you.Hard reset Lenovo A6010: complete cleaning of smartphone

Your smartphone Lenovo A6010 will be rebooted. After that you will notice that the smartphone is completely clean. It means that hard reset Lenovo A6010 was successful.

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