There has been a Project Ara first competitor Vsenn

There has been a Project Ara first competitor Vsenn

There has been a Project Ara first competitor Vsenn

Will the future of the modular smartphone? It is difficult to answer for sure, but one must admit that the idea is quite interesting. For its implementation through to this point was responsible alone Google and its Project Ara, who already has a working prototype Vsenn. But now the search giant seems to have appeared first competitor in this field.

Although the “competitors” – is, of course, loudly. About the project under the name Vsenn little is known. Strictly speaking, there is only webpage that tells them that the company founded by the former Product Manager Nokia X, and its aim is to “give everyone the power to create your own excellent smartphone, using modular components and updated.”

Project Ara first competitor Vsenn

It is also reported that unit will be only three components: the camera, battery and processor. And to personalize the device appears to be used removable rear panel.

Work smartphone Vsenn must be in pure Android, and provide updates for it promise for 4 years. It would seem that good, but if you look on the other hand, the applications and services from Google, most likely, is not provided.

In addition, emphasis is placed on the safety of the device. To preserve user data Vsenn plans to use a three-level encryption, as well as free access to the VPN-network and secure cloud storage.

Of course, the information is too little to talk about direct competition. Rather, as long as everything looks like nothing but “good intentions.” Nevertheless, appeared at Project Ara real competitor – it would go only to the benefit of the development of modular smartphones. With interest watch the what would Vsenn.

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