Kairos SSW / MSW: hybrid mechanical and smart-watches of class "luxury"

Kairos SSW / MSW: hybrid mechanical and smart-watches of class “luxury”

Kairos SSW / MSW: hybrid mechanical and smart-watches of class "luxury"

Company Kairos, as previously reported, has introduced smart strap that converts any mechanical watch in hybrid electronic device and mechanics. In addition, the developers decided to release another full-fledged smart and watch your own version with advanced options. The price of the device does not be low – expected plank not less than $ 1,000.

Hours to be presented in two different versions: MSW (Japanese system) and SSW (Swiss system). The company’s management claims that the first batch of watches will be shipped to buyers in May of this year. What is a device?

Kairos MSW / SSW: design

Kairos SSW / MSW: hybrid mechanical and smart-watches of class "luxury"

Clock appearance is unique. Watch looks very unusual due to the presence of translucent display, which can be seen through the mechanical component of the device. Watches are heavy and large: body height is 17.1 mm.

When you purchase will need to do not only choose between Japanese and Swiss versions, but also between two different types of display: Dot Matrix and Icon Display.

As for Dot Matrix, it is a fully functional display, which will be displayed messages and notifications. If the display is off, there is the mechanical part – with arrows and clockwork. However, the display only 40% transparent, so that the work with pure mechanics may be somewhat more difficult for the wearer.

Icon Display – Display with individual icons that correspond to a certain category of notifications. In the center of the display has 8 digital alphabetic element that lets you view notifications from your smartphone (although it is quite uncomfortable in this version).

Icon Display transparent at 60%, the developers promise to introduce a new version of the display with a transparency of 80%.

Kairos MSW / SSW: function

Hours Kairos MSW / SSW allow you to view all the types of notifications from your smartphone, in addition, the company is now attracting the work of partners, including independent developers. Thanks to this device can work with social networks, email, SMS and calls.

There is also support for a fitness function, which was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Misfit. Kairos MSW / SSW will help monitor the quality of sleep and general user activity during the day. Principle of operation “fitness regime” similar to the way things are implemented in the Pebble Watch.

Kairos MSW / SSW: price and release date

As mentioned above, the first batch will take hours to customers in May 2015. For shipment of subsequent batches will take about two months.

Kairos SSW / MSW: hybrid mechanical and smart-watches of class "luxury"

The cost will depend on the model. The Japanese version will cost 1139 US dollars (cherry clock Icon-display), and the Swedish version is estimated at US $ 2,549, the case here is gilded.

Conclusion: Kairos MSW / SSW – an interesting device, the final version is not yet GOTV. In this case, the concept of hybrid mechanics and electronics is very rational: if the battery is discharged, the clock is … like clockwork. If the battery is not yet discharged, the user gets enough advanced version of the smart-hours fitness functions.

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