Smart watches distract drivers more than their smartphones

Smart watches distract drivers more than their smartphones

Smart watches distract drivers more than their smartphones

Institutions responsible for a safety on the roads has long been asserting that portable devices such as smartphones, are a distraction for drivers. You pay less attention to the road, and the reaction time slows down considerably. But what about the ever-growing number of portable devices, such as a “smart watches”?

The idea is that they have less to distract the driver from the road, rather than smartphones. And with the possibility of voice control and they have to do to distract the driver as his regular hours. However, the UK Transport Research Laboratory has a different point of view.

The organization conducted a series of tests and concluded that “smart watches”, including Apple Watch, distract drivers more than smartphones. The results of research show that the driver engaged Viewing messages on Apple Watch, react for 2.52 seconds. Driver who was distracted by a smartphone, you will need 1.85 seconds. Most will driver who is talking to a passenger. To enter into a situation, he would have only 0.9 seconds.

It is worth noting that the UK Transport Research Laboratory says that this is not a full-scale investigation. The report appears frequently mention Apple Watch, although it is not clear whether they will distract the driver more than a smart watch with a limited list of options. It seems wrong to specify just one brand in the report.

However, the study was to draw attention to the problem of safety behind the wheel. In the UK banned the use of mobile phone while driving in 2003. In many countries, too, there are such laws. However, every year there are a number of car accidents that were caused by drivers distracted by their smart device.

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