InfiniteUSB - cable and port to another cable

InfiniteUSB – cable and port to another cable …

InfiniteUSB - cable and port to another cable

Modern laptops are not many USB ports. Often, the manufacturer provides only 2 ports, which may not be enough for the needs of the user. Typically, one port is used by the receiver for the wireless mouse and the other – either by a wireless keyboard or as input for the connection of mobile devices. But if the mobile device more than one connect both – is problematic. And here is useful InfiniteUSB.

This, at the same time, and cable, allowing you to connect the device to recharge, and the port for connecting an optional data cable. In this InfiniteUSB, modules can be inserted into each other, providing the ability to connect to a laptop for charging additional devices (phones, music players, smartphones).

Developers have launched a campaign on Kickstarter, a copy can be obtained InfiniteUSB for $ 20. It is worth noting that the sponsors are going to release just three models InfiniteUSB. One model – with connector microUSB, the second – with the Lightning, the third – c USB-adapter – the “mother”. All three models are compatible with each other.

Source: Kickstarter

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