Nexus 9 or Nokia N1? What's new best tablet Lollipop better?

Nexus 9 or Nokia N1? What’s new best tablet Lollipop better?

Nexus 9 or Nokia N1? What's new best tablet Lollipop better?

Finnish Technology Company returns to the market with the recently introduced best tablet Lollipop Nokia N1. Meanwhile, all the attention of users attracted Google Nexus 9 best tablet Lollipop and iPad Air Mini 3. It is time to compare the Nexus 9 and Nokia N1, to find out which of tablet devices is more consistent with the role of the best tablet Lollipop running the latest mobile operating system, Android 5.0 Lollipop.

This topic has been discussed in some detail in the pages of Luis Di Phone Arena, that allows us to look at both devices with the point of view of how they relate to each other.

Design – best tablet Lollipop

Externally, the plates are very similar, but it is only at the very first glance. Front and rear panel layout of buttons and the camera are similar. Manufactured housing HTC Nexus tablet 9 plastic and Nokia N1 – aluminum.

Although Google Nexus 9 and is positioned as a premium device its plastic body, according to Luis Dee looks “cheap”. Aluminum plate Nokia N1 deprived of all the problems that are inherent in soft material and creates a feeling of solidity. But preference towards the material body individual.

Display Nexus 9 more – its diagonal is 8.9 inches, while the Nokia N1 – only 7.9 inches. Nexus 9, respectively, are larger – 228.25 (height) x 153,68 (width) x 7,95 (thickness) mm, and weighs 436 grams. In turn, Nokia N1 compact and lighter. This 318-gram tablet has dimensions 200.7 (height) x 138,6 (width) x 6,9 (thickness) mm.

Display – best tablet Lollipop

Both tablets can please their users a good screen. They have IPS LCD-display with a resolution of 1526 x 2048 pixels. The density of the 8.9-inch screen Nexus 9, component 288 pixels per inch, less than Nokia N1, and reaches 324 pixels per inch. With the same resolution of the screens, the density, of course, higher in the order of the display, this is compact.

Both screens are protected from scratches Gorilla Glass 3. An additional advantage of Nokia N1 is fully display plate without air gaps. And it looks very nice – the tablet feels completely seamless. Screen Nokia N1 has not only made the same performance as that of the display Nexus 9, but it is partially surpassed. We are talking about the characteristics of brightness, color gamut and color temperature. However, to compare the screens of new tablets is too early. All conclusions to date conjectural. Should wait, when there will be users reviews.

Interface – best tablet Lollipop

The main advantage of Nexus 9 is a clean operating system best tablet Lollipop Android 5.0 without third-party interfaces. A clear and well-transmitting color display of the tablet perfectly appropriate interface Material Design. No neon colors and surreal animation, only laconic minimalism. Material Design animation based on how the objects interact with each other in the real world.

Menu items in applications and even buttons look like a piece of paper, ordered on a flat surface and illuminated by sunlight. Large white space, vibrant colors and improved fonts do work with the Nexus 9 is like reading a paper magazine.

In addition, Android 5.0 has a new 64-bit compiler in real-time, energy-saving technologies, new multimedia libraries and API. This version is a significant step towards improving the mobile operating system Android.

Best tablet Lollipop Nokia N1 is running the same operating system and has all of its functions, but there is a significant difference. The interface looks different and is based on the Z Launcher. Nokia has provided users with a great opportunity to turn it off, and then you can enjoy pure Android 5.0. But before you do this, you can at least do some work with Z Launcher. And suddenly like?

Nokia calls Z Launcher “the easiest way to gain access to the entire phone”. Externally Z Launcher, thanks to the lessons Windows Phone, is an example of a combination of beauty and minimalism. Interface adapts to user preferences and provides him with a list that includes six applications and contacts to which he often refers at this time of the day. The user can also write notes and letters on the screen with your fingers. For this it is necessary to activate the corresponding function.

Processor and memory – best tablet Lollipop

Plates Google and Nokia are among the flagship devices of this year in this category. This explains why in Nexus 9, and Nokia N1 has been used better hardware year. Manufactured by HTC Google tablet is based on 64-bit chipset NVIDIA Tegra K1 with a dual-core 2.3-GHz processor, manufactured in accordance with the 28-nanometer process technology, combined with graphics coprocessors Kepler DX1 and two gigabytes of RAM. The chipset delivers excellent performance, support for OpenGL 4.4 and DirectX 11, CUDA technology and uses OpenCL, enabling transfer to mobile devices is the graphics quality that is characteristic of consoles. The tablet has a 16- or 32-gigabyte built-in storage. Ability to use additional memory card.

Nexus 9 or Nokia N1? What's new best tablet Lollipop better?

Nokia N1 is based on a quad 2.3-gigahertz 64-bit processor Intel Atom Z3580 (Moorefield), constructed in accordance with the 22-nanometer process. Graphics processor tablet PowerVR G6430. By the way, iPhone 5s used by him. Nokia N1, as the Nexus 9 has two gigabytes of RAM. This hardware configuration is superior Tegra K1 performance and potentially more energy efficient thanks to the smaller size of transistors. The new tablet Nokia has a 32-gigabyte drive. Memory cards are not supported, as in the Nexus 9.

Camera – best tablet Lollipop

Both best tablet Lollipop devices have an 8-megapixel autofocus camera, but the camera Nexus boasts 9 LED (LED) flash. But also at Nokia N1 has its superiority, which is its 5-megapixel front-facing camera. For comparison – on the front panel Nexus 9 is only 1.6-megapixel camera.

Both tablets camera capable of capturing video at 1080p at 60 frames per second. Google Camera app tablet Nexus 9 distinguishes simple interface, supports blur effect (lens blur), Photo Sphere, panning. The app also provides support for Android Wear and HDR +. It has, and other features.

About the camera Nokia N1 say something in addition to its characteristics is difficult, because the company itself has not yet been told the details. But the company that created and PureView Lumia Camera, is unlikely to disappoint fans of mobile photography.

Storage battery – best tablet Lollipop

The tablet has enough space to accommodate high-capacity battery. At 9 Nexus battery capacity of 6700mAh characterized. This is sufficient to use the plate for a half day. This, of course, is a moderate normal use, rather than a constant load.

Battery Nokia N1 slightly less capacious – 5300 mAh total. Hours not yet been specified by Nokia.

Benefits tablets – best tablet Lollipop

Nexus 9 is characterized by the large size of the screen, while the benefits of Nokia N1 is its assembly and the price that is lower by almost half.

Luis Di believes that Nokia N1 has a chance to beat the market Nexus 9; the comparable even with much more productive tablets, and also with iPad mini 3. Sales of the tablet start in China. He will be available in early 2015. N1 – device that Chinese manufacturer Foxconn has licensed Nokia. This means that it is a Chinese company will be engaged in its production and sales, the Finnish paying royalties. It is possible that in other countries, Foxconn will offer Nokia N1 through telecom operators, retail stores, and trade these tablets online.

Which of the discussed best tablet Lollipop, in your opinion, was the most surprising announcement that such a fruitful on digital technology in the fall?

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